Monday , November 29 2021

Falcon 9 didn’t just take astronauts into orbit. Baby Yoda plush is also on the board


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Part of the rocket caught in the net falls

On Sunday (it was a night in Poland from Sunday to Monday), Elon Musk’s SpaceX company launched four astronauts into space in collaboration with NASA SpaceX. This was the second mission (but the first was fully operational), as a private company brought a spacecraft into orbit with those on board.

Baby Yoda’s stuffed animal is hidden in the Crew Dragon

On top of the Crew Dragon capsule built by SpaceX (the scope of this mission is called “Resilience”), in addition to the astronauts, there were several items and experiments that were necessary for the operation of the International Space Station (ISS).

However, not only that, it gives. As we can see in the photos sent from inside the Crew Dragon, the astronauts carried a stuffed animal: Baby Yoda. He is a character in the SF series “The Mandalorian” set in the Star Wars world.

Why do astronauts use toys in space?

This information may seem pretty surprising or absurd to people who have no interest in the subject of spaceflight. Why are astronauts bringing a soft toy into space? It is part of the tradition. Zero G indicators are used as so-called light and small toys, which means no gravity. When the toy begins to move freely on its back, it becomes clear that the capsule is already weightless.

In May on the previous SpaceX and NASA mission, astronauts carried a stuffed dinosaur decorated with blue and pink sequins. Then the toy became so popular that SpaceX itself started selling it ($ 25 “only”). Among the “zero gravity indicators” that flew to the ISS on the Crew Dragon ship (inside an unmanned flight), there are also stuffed balloons.

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