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Fame MMA 8. This is the end of Marcin Najman. “The conclusions will be drawn”

Marcin Najman committed to the eighth FMA MMA gala. Cassius “Don Kasjo “‘s fight with Życiński ended in disqualification and a terrible quarrel. The MMA of fame has already announced the consequences and the end of the player’s career in the organization.

Bartłomiej Bukowski

Bartłomiej Bukowski

Judge Marcin Najman has reprimanded him in his fight against ‘Don Kasjo’

YouTube / Fame MMA / Photo: Judge Marcin Najman reprimands him for fighting ‘Don Kasjo’

No one expected such a development. It is true that, as predicted, Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński was victorious, but the style he won was probably not satisfied.

Let us remember that the fight was fought in boxing, only with small gloves. Marcin Najman, on the other hand, decided to throw the confused Życiński just 25 seconds later. The referee immediately stopped the fight and gave him a negative point.

When the duel started again, … The first thing Najman decided was a kick. At this point, the referee ruled that it made no sense and disqualified the oldest player.

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“Don’t convince yourself that Mr. Najman’s nerves have gone wrong. The boxer won’t throw you to the ground unless he plans to fight boxing.

At the same time, the message reported that the last fight of “El Testosterone” was definitely in the organization. “He attacked Cassius and in addition to his coach, the consequences will be drawn” – he later stressed in the post.

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