Sunday , December 5 2021

For 137 million, Koch Media bought Flying Wild Hog, the creator of the “Shadow Warrior” series.


No one expected the morning news. Polish Flying Wild Hog, which is working hard on the game “Shadow Warrior 3”, was bought by Koch Media for $ 137 million. The CEOs have appeared pleased, and we look forward to the four game announcements.


“We are thrilled to be joined by Flying Wild Hog Koch Media and the Embracer family. Koch Media is a reputable publisher that has appreciated our vision to create the most exciting, fastest and best action titles for players around the world,” says Michał Szustka of Flying Wild Hog CEOs. Excitement, for nothing else, returns to the president of Koch Media of the Embracer Group.

Thus, Flying Wild Hog was bought for $ 137 million (about PLN 518 million) from Supernova Capital, an investor company founded by Paul Wedgwood, the founder of the legendary “Enemy Territory”. “We always knew that Flying Wild Hog had a lot of potential. Thanks to our partnership with Embracer today, they will be even more successful,” Wedgwood says.

Legend "saves" polskie Flying Wild Hog. "After the hundredth employee, companies go bankrupt"

Legend has it that the Polish Flying Wild Hog “saves”. “After the hundredth employee, companies fall”


– We still operate as an independent development studio, but we are part of the Embracer team – & nbsp; informs Polygamia Flying Wild Hog.

The studio has confirmed that it is currently working on four game projects with other publishers around the world. One of them is “Shadow Warrior 3”, which will be released in 2021 on computers and consoles in collaboration with an existing partner – Digital Developer.

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3

What else does Flying Wild Hog do?

The studio was founded in 2009 by Michał Szusta and former staff of CD Projekt and People Can Fly. After his debut, after the “Hard Reset” shooter, he came to the Devolver Digital studio, looking for the right team to create a game with a “Shadow Warrior” license – a cult FPS from the 90s.


Another production is created in collaboration with Focus Home Interactive. As Michał Szustak puts it, it seems to be “the most ambitious game the studio has released so far.” Hogi informed us that the purchase of Koch Media does not change anything in collaboration with & nbspFocus.


Shadow Warrior 3. About a magic string, a tribute and surprises to the original 97 [TAK, TEŻ TYLKO U NAS]

Shadow Warrior 3. About a magical chord, homage and surprises to the original 97 [TAK, TEŻ TYLKO U NAS]

We are waiting impatiently for information about the next games. “Shadow Warrior 3” and the online game created with Jagex will be released in 2021.

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