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Friz, a guest of Cuba’s Wojewódzki, turns millions at 24 years old. However, he gave a large number to his relatives


Kuba Wojewódzki took Karol Wiśniewski, better known by the nickname Friz on the Internet, on his couch. The founder of the Internet became famous, among other things, for the creation of the EKIPA group, including other well-known actors. Instagram alone has 2.5 million followers, while Youtube has 4 million subscribers. One of his most famous projects is moving to the big “Group House”, which costs about 5 million zlotys. Then Friz started a challenge, and reported on YouTube every day for 365 days about group activities.

Cuba Wojewódzki invited Friz

Kuba Wojewódzki said at the beginning of his program that Karol Wiśniewski was, according to Forbes, one of the most influential people on the Polish Internet, after Robert Lewandowski. Even though the boy is 24 years old, the first millions have already made the account – the leader was happy.

“You could be my father,” replied Friz.

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Friz continues to discuss his background and career development.

I belong to an ordinary housing estate, everything I had to work on myself, I had to learn to be an entrepreneur. And I finished my education at a technical university, I have no education in that field. I just figured out how this algorithm works, I know how to make money. I have already negotiated 10 million, now I plan to make it public – said the boy.

He revealed that despite the tremendous fortune he has had so far, he does not forget about his relatives.

My parents are proud of me. Sometimes when I need to, someone will remind me at the right time that I need to shake myself. Overall, I try to remember them, I also have a great group of friends – I gave my loved one a total of about PLN 300,000 – reveals Youtuber.

Cuba also came to mind and mentioned the beginning of his career.

I didn’t even write a master’s thesis, I was more successful than my teachers in my fourth year of journalism – Cuba said modestly.

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Cuba asked him if Friz was doing politics on his social media accounts.

I’m not interested in politics, I don’t feel comfortable with this issue, but I try to motivate my observers, I convince them to vote, I organize actions – I don’t know if they want to, but I try to hit them, ”Carlos said.

You can see that the boy made an impression on the leader, who was surprised that the 24-year-old owns several companies, has a multi-million audience – in addition to doing charity work, he donated a lot of money to his fans and relatives. In the near future, he also wants to invest in the stock market.

“I’m proud,” said Wojewódzki at the end.

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