Sunday , December 5 2021

George Soros bought shares in Palantir. What is this company?


The George Soros fund bought a large block of shares in Palantir – until recently one of the most mysterious U.S. technology companies, which made its sale in September. Soros rapidly increased the value of the shares purchased.

Palantir is doing it data management, analysis and security software. George Soros invested $ 175.3 million (18.5 million shares) in the company, about $ 9.5 each. per share. The company’s stock currently stands at $ 17.92, and the Soros package is valued at $ 331.5 million.

The company’s share price has more than doubled since it was listed. The company currently has a value of $ 31.3 billion.

Palantir – what is this company? George Soros invested in that

As we have described, it happened before it was released on the stock market the company calls it the “most hidden” in the tech world in the U.S..

Palantir is said to be “secret” for two reasons: at first, little was known about the activities carried out over the years. The launcher didn’t like to brag about the technology in other details – unlike many others.

Second, the company works closely with the U.S. government and law enforcement. His clients include the FBI, the CIA and the U.S. Department of Defense. General Manager of Palantir, Alex Karp, other technology companies have criticized his unwillingness to work on defense-related projects. Palantir also said he is doing “good,” especially when it comes to collaborating with government agencies. Karp said in one of his statements that he is aware of an attack that has been thwarted in Europe almost every week.

To that was added that the company name – Palantir – was taken by JRR Tolkien from the film “The Rings of Lord”. In the book, palantirs are crystal balls that allow you to see events that are far away in time and space. In the wrong hands, however, palantiras have become a dangerous tool.

It’s not the only culture and pop culture inspired by Palantir’s activities. One of the company’s data integration platforms is called Gotham, like the city where Batman happens to be. This platform was used to help victims of Hurricane Florence in the US, among others. Palantira software is also used to track terrorist activities, among other things.

He was the founder of Palantir Peter Thiel, an investor and entrepreneur, a member of the so-called “PayPal mafia”, that is, the group of people who created the huge payment. Thiel is known for his controversial views and Donald Trump was one of the billionaires who were helping him as president of the United States. Thiel also sits on Facebook’s board of directors.

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