Sunday , September 26 2021

I can’t see you

Lenka Kliment has starred in “Izarrak dantzan” in several editions. In private, her husband is another dancer on the show, Jan Kliment. The positive energy he provides has won a group of loyal fans. On Instagram, almost 80,000 people follow the dancer eager to comment on the posts that appear on her profile. This time Lenka shared a photo with them showing her muscular belly.

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Lenka Kliment showed her belly

This time, Kliment shared a reflection on his season. He admitted that he prefers the warmer months:

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I definitely prefer summer! But you have to survive the fall and winter somehow, so it’s good to have photos and remember – he wrote.

She poses in the photo, posing in shorts and a T-shirt. He revealed a narrow, flat belly. No wonder the comments are happily filled out:

I can’t stop looking at you.

It looks wonderful.

Lenka, your body is beautiful – the fans are happy.

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How did he manage to get that shape? Above all, the dancer loves an active lifestyle and moves whenever he can. In addition to dancing, she also works out in fitness, and often trains in the gym. He does not hide, however, that he is the result of the work that must be done to make a great figure. However, he is proud of the results, as he likes to brag about Instagram. She shares methods for a beautiful image with fans who can watch recordings that can become inspirational in her profile. Lately, she has been helping her husband who wants to bother her. Under his control, Jan is on the verge of gaining some muscle mass.

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