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Is the end of the world on February 1st? NT2 asteroid 2002 can hit the ground. Człuchów commented on the light [30.01.2019]

NT7 asteroid 2002 will fly around the Earth.

At one time, NASA described the earth as threatening it. He discovered an asteroid with a diameter of 1.5 km 17 years ago. Since then, experts have continued their destiny. As it turns out, the object is very close to the Earth, and the calculations predict NT7 asteroid 2002 to fall to Earth.

Previously, the researchers took a date on January 13, 2019 to get a blow. Nowadays there is a message that a NT7 asteroid in 2002 can hit Earth on Earth. Does the end of the world announce this?

Asteroid 2002 has received 0.06 points called NT7

According to this scale of Palermo, the risk of collision with the celestial bodies is evaluated. Observations for the first time in history, the astronomical object had a positive value on that scale. In 2002, when the planetary plane was launched, it was classified as an object such as Earth (NEO) and Hazardous (PHA).

Is the world ending on February 1, 2019? NT2 asteroid 2002 is approaching ground at high speed. Will he throw it to the ground, destroying all living things? NASA

Can not we feel safe? NT2 Asteroid 2002 threatens the earth? Is the end of the world going to be on February 1, 2019? According to Krzysztof Jackowski, a Człuchów viewer is undeniably.

– I have a feeling This object does not in any way endanger our planet – Człuchów clearly says "Super Express" in the conversation. – I think that this asteroid is not much better among the earth's inhabitants. In my opinion, this asteroid is far from our planet and nothing will be useless – mentions Krzysztof Jackowski in

The same opinion Asteroid NT7 2002 goes against the Earth NASA scientists say it will not be a tragedy and it will not happen until February 1, 2019. The NT7 asteroid 2002 will fly over the Earthbut it will not do any harm. However, there are many followers of the theory The Earth's Asteroid Collision It is essential, and NASA is silent as it does not cause any unpleasant panic.

At the same time, Russian scientists say, the effects of NT7 asteroid on Earth's population life would be terrifying. On February 1, 2019, as a result of a collision, one of the Earth's continents will remain. In their opinion, there will be a large cloud of dust that will break the vast amount of soil into the sun, the climate will change and it will be "a nuclear winter".

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