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Is the friendship between Steczkowska and Doda flourishing? Justin showed videos of her wearing bathing suits


Justyna Steczkowska has had some difficulties. In the second half of November, his mother, a music educator who specializes in choral music, died. The diva said goodbye to Danuta Steczkowska in a moving Instagram message in which she thanked God for her mother.

Justyna Steczkowska says goodbye to her motherJustyna Steczkowska says goodbye to her mother. He added a video of himself and wrote some moving words

Justyna Steczkowska and Doda in the same swimsuit. Diva collected the recordings

Steczkowska recently introduced to the world his next musical musical – the music video for the song “Miej courage”. No wonder he missed the holidays after weeks of hard work. She recounted her dreams of resting on Instagram when she recently greeted Doda who was resting on vacation:

Well well. Have a great holiday Doda. I think we all dream of the sun now. So far I am enlightened by computer screens and online lessons, six hours a day (elementary school, then music school). I’m looking forward to the holidays. Maybe you can go somewhere without Wi-Fi, but the sun is out. I wish you and myself. Have a nice weekend!

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Doda, with a poor outfit, has the consequences of his training

The singer added two holiday recordings to the entry. In the first, we see the artist wearing a swimsuit and turban presenting his perfect image, and in the second Doda appears, resting in the same outfit as Steczkowska in warm countries. Internet users appreciated the list of 48-year-old singers and did not retain their admiration:


Figure it out, bale!

Justyna was the first to wear this outfit.

Bravo for the distance.

Justyna Steczkowska and DodaJustyna Steczkowska and Doda Instagram / justynasteczkowska / dodaqueen

Justyna Steczkowska and Doda didn’t like each other for many years. The atmosphere of tension between the women calmed down in 2018 when Emil Stępień’s wife invited Steczkowska to take part in the “Artists Against Hate” concert organized after the assassination of Gdańsk President Paweł Adamowicz. The singers liked each other so much that in March 2020 they also organized a live concert where they talked about the coronavirus pandemic. It seems that their friendship has developed even more.

Doda, Justyna SteczkowskaDoda and Justyna Steczkowska WSPÓLNY liv

See Doda and Steczkowska’s summer recordings. Do they look beautiful in the same swimsuit?

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