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Joanna Przetakiewicz reported Rinke’s illness. “He was lying still under the drops.” Then she decided to marry him

Joanna Przetakiewicz and Rinke Rooyens began dating more than two years ago. They quickly became known as the hottest couple in the Polish show business. The creative director of the La Mania brand and a well-known television producer did not hide the happiness of the media. On the contrary, they regularly reported on their idyllic lives on social media as well as on television. As a result, black clouds also appeared in Joanna Przetakiewicz’s life, which the interested party recounted in a recent interview.

Joanna Przetakiewicz and Rinke RooyensJoanna Przetakiewicz showed off her second wedding dress

Joanna Przetakiewicz reported Rinke’s illness

In February of this year. Rinke Rooyens fell ill with pneumonia. Joana saw that her situation was deteriorating every day, so she decided to call her father to come to Warsaw to see her beloved.

When he saw his son, he said, I’ll never forget that Rinke is like a “drowned bird” that nothing comes of it … I stared at him. He stood still under the drops, his eyes closed. Can I really miss it? Do you need fear to re-evaluate your life to see what is really important? – Joannak “VIVA!” -N told.

Joanna PrzetakiewiczJoanna Przetakiewicz showed the recording of the wedding. It is known who caught the bunch

In an interview with the magazine, the celebrity also revealed that he had asked a bioenergetic therapist for help. Rink advised him that he would heal something he had been told. The caring Joanna did not hesitate for a moment and went to the hospital the same day.

It was afternoon, without thinking, I got in the car, went back to the hospital, and, standing on his bed, I said, “Honey, you need to get better! You need to get up because I need you for another 50 years of life! I want to be with you and I want to be with you. your wife “- Przetakiewicz recalls.

Joanna PrzetakiewiczJoanna Przetakiewicz changed her name after the wedding. The beginnings are global

And then I woke up. I recovered in the next few days, ”Rink added.


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