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Joint statement by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Prime Minister Viktor Orban on EU budget

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has met in Budapest with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. After the meeting, they spoke at a joint conference in which Prime Minister Morawiecki stated that the rule of law rules are dangerous for European cohesion and threaten the collapse of the entire European Union.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stated that the long-term budget of the European Union, approved at a long meeting of the Council of Europe in July, was a success for the whole Community. – It was in July. Today, however, we are facing a new challenge, a completely new mechanism, through arbitrariness, political application and politically motivated decisions, which could also lead to the fragmentation of the European Union and, perhaps, the dissolution of the Union. and, in fact, the regulations that should refer to the budget, but with that excuse he mentions other issues – said the head of the Polish government.

– This is very dangerous for the cohesion of the whole of Europe, it is a bad solution that threatens the collapse of Europe, the collapse of the European Union in the future – he added.

Prime Minister Morawiecki and Orban at a press conferencePAP / Andrzej Lange

“Hungary does not accept proposals that would be unacceptable for Poland”

Viktor Orban said they spoke to Morawiecki, including. About the sovereignty and independence of Poland and Hungary and how the two countries can preserve their national values ​​and maintain their sovereignty, “adding their strength to the strength of the European Union.”

He reportedly signed a joint statement with Morawiecki. – In this discussion we will reconcile our interests and arguments and Hungary does not accept proposals that would be unacceptable to Poland. (…) We will fight together – Orban declared.

He recalled that “one of the longest and most heated debates in the history of the Union” took place at the EU summit in July. – We have given ourselves and the German President the opportunity at the end of this year to try to find a coherence between the different views of the EU Member States on the EU budget and various legal regulations. (…) We have not yet managed to create that coherence – he said. According to him, he wants to link the issue of European funds to the issue of law “from an ideological point of view, not from the real one”.

“The conditions contained in this regulation distort the European Union”

Prime Minister Morawiecki stressed that “secondary law cannot circumvent primary law.” – It’s like putting a law or regulation on the Polish constitution. We do not provide for this in our legal system, and in the European Union we cannot provide a solution that puts secondary law – that is, a regulation – above treaties. The Prime Minister emphasized that the treaties are in line with a European Union constitution.

– We abide by these treaties. There is a procedure on the rule of law, there are other procedures that we do not follow worse than others, and I think it is better in many areas – added Morawiecki.

Prime Minister Morawiecki and Orban at a joint conferencePAP / Andrzej Lange

The prime minister said Poland and Hungary had agreed in July to approve the regulations “to ensure that the budget is carried out properly”. – But unfortunately our findings were interpreted completely differently. In fact, the German president has not complied with the provisions of the July agreements, Morawiecki assessed.

– The conditions contained in this regulation proposed today are deteriorating the European Union. We do not want the Union to stray from its trajectory. This course should be based on 27 different legal systems and traditions in 27 countries, including a vision for the future. This diversity must be respected, it must be appreciated – said the Prime Minister.

“I can’t accept such a risk for Hungary”

The Hungarian Prime Minister has stated that if an EU decision violates the interests of Hungarians, he is obliged to address it and intends to do so. He noted that the issues that divide Hungary and some EU countries include “the issue of migration, state sovereignty and the issue of gender”. – I cannot accept such a risk for Hungary when the Hungarians have to take positions (in these matters) that they cannot take – Orban stated.

He added that another issue he had to raise was the issue of money, as he knew that the international press considered the difference in opinion between Poland and Hungary and the EU to be a matter of money. – It’s a mistake. Be it a lawyer or a politician or a journalist, it is wrong if you think it is a financial matter. Orban said this is a debate that cannot be resolved with money.

Viktor OrbanPAP / Andrzej Lange

He said that the money to fight the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic will not only be additional funds, that it will come from a loan taken by the EU and that you will also have to consider the risk of repaying that loan for a country that will not repay it. He added that the so-called EU reconstruction fund is especially needed for countries with a budget debt of more than 100%. GDP, and in the case of Hungary – as he pointed out – is “well below” that level. – Political debate on the rule of law and economic problems in dealing with the crisis are issues that cannot be linked, those who want to link these issues are irresponsible – said Orban. He added that quick decisions are needed in times of crisis, so “combining political debate with issues to deal with the financial crisis is not responsible behavior.”

Full statement made by Prime Minister Viktor Orban at a conference with Mateusz MorawieckiTVN24

“We will not hesitate to use the veto, not only for the good of Hungary and Poland, but also for the whole of the European Union.”

The so-called head of the Polish government recalled the crisis in Luxembourg in the 1960s (when the EEA was present – ed.). “French President Charles de Gaulle had a pure chair policy for a couple of months because he was fighting for his veto,” he said. – The right of veto is a right embedded in treaties – stressed Prime Minister Morawiecki.

It has the right to “look after the interests of each Member State”. – Today they are attacking Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, tomorrow they could be Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, because someone else might not like something – he stressed.

“We will not hesitate to use the veto, not only for the benefit of Hungary and Poland, but also for the benefit of the European Union as a whole,” he said.

Prime Minister Mateusz MorawieckiAndrzej Lange / PAP

He also said that in July, when the EU summit began, the Council of Europe’s proposal was to “apply the rule of law procedure as a complementary order to the organization of budgetary surveillance”.

– But please read the conclusions. The conclusions were completely different, so we have to hold on to those conclusions. – Agreeing on conditions can be a gateway to endless conflicts and will violate the European Union, he added.

“I think, deadly, that’s how we defend EU cohesion.”

Morawiecki assessed that in the current writing the condition is a “stick for all countries”. – This is not the way, it is the way to break the European Union – he argued. He pointed out that it is necessary to reject this logic.

– The use of the veto is the basic scenario today, to change the bad dynamics that have recently been imposed – said the head of the Polish government. As he added, we do not need a union of two opposing interpretations, just as we do not need a union of two speeds. – We want the Union to develop in accordance with treaties and fair rules – he stressed.

Prime Minister Morawiecki and Orban at a joint conferenceAndrzej Lange / PAP

He stressed that the possibility of using the veto is treated as something very serious and probably necessary. If he does not change what he has done so far, he stressed, he will at least be unacceptable for Poland.

– In the declaration we signed with the Prime Minister of Hungary, it is probably clear that it is not acceptable to our countries, so we will defend sovereignty and the letter and spirit of the treaties – said the head of the Polish government.

– I think, most importantly, that in this way we defend the cohesion of the EU, the sovereignty of the countries, because the EU is the Europe of the homelands, it must be the Europe of the homelands in the future, but also the letter and spirit of the treaties.

TVN24 correspondent Maciej Sokołowski explains Morawiecki’s position and Orban’s statement in Brussels TVN24

“Today is not the time to move our European ship”

The head of the Polish government said, “Poland and Hungary are acting not only in their own name, but also for the good of the whole of the European Union.” He also appeared convinced to persuade people to “change the attempts to break the treaties that began yesterday” thanks to the common attitude.

– Today is not the time to rock our European ship, but to fight with COVID-19 and return to economic unity. The Union, which can serve to solve economic problems in the coming decades, has served as well as it has in recent decades, the prime minister said. Morawiecki assured that Poland and Hungary will jointly maintain a strong position to defend the treaties, the European Union and the sovereignty of the two countries.

Full statement by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at a conference with Viktor OrbanTVN24

Main photo source: PAP / Andrzej Lange

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