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Katarzyna Dowbor earns extra money in advertising. All for son’s loans? – Super Express

dowbor will repay the loan

Author: SE editorial staff

Times are tough and loans need to be repaid. Celebrities strive to earn extra money and accept almost any offer that will give them extra money. Katarzyna Dowbor, 61, although she can’t complain about the lack of work, has just become a face for cleaning liquids. According to various sources, he earned a quarter of a million zlotys for it. Will this help Maciej (42) son repay the loan?

A few days ago the presenter announced on Instagram that he had already unlocked his mother … – Yes, I did. Someone has to pay off my loans now, they won’t pay themselves – he said.

At first, it was considered a joke, but as the Polsat star has just acknowledged – he and his wife Joanna Koroniewska (42) are building a house. The building is in the shell of the building and the completion will cost hundreds of thousands of zloi. Due to the restrictions associated with coronavirus, a spouse earns money only on Instagram advertising campaigns. Photos for Maciej’s “Your Face Is Familiar” won’t start until the new year is over. After abandoning “M jak miłość”, Małgosia plays mainly in theaters, and as far as we know – they will be closed until at least the end of the year. So it can be said that both are without permanent jobs.

Koroniewska furious at Dowbor! What is father? THE WORD IS STRENGTHENED AND STRONG!

That’s why it’s so important to help your dear mother. – Katarzyna Dowbor is a brand in itself. As a presenter of the “Our New Home” program, he fosters social trust and sympathy. It can earn up to $ 250,000 for advertising. PLN – says our source.

That amount should be enough for both her and her children’s expenses for a while.

The house renovated in Katarzyna Dowbor’s program burned down in Podlasie. The mother and two sons lost the roof over their heads

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