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Lotto and Eurojackpot. People with this name win most of the time. See what name it is given [lista – 23.11.2020]

Do you think we have happiness … in the name? He has long believed in the power of names. How are you now? Do you think it is possible? We check for the meaning of the names of the lucky person in games like Lotto or Eurojackpot. Take a look.

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A name is a personal name that a person gives to their group. Along with possible second and subsequent names and surnames, sometimes with father’s name and fewer surnames, it is a basic term for most people.

The name is probably derived from the nickname, and over time it acquired a strong magical character. This is related to the old function of language (it no longer exists in most societies), according to which the naming of an object, object, or person took on a force over it.

Thus, the family was given the name to give the child certain characteristics, to “program” his future, or to overturn inappropriate events — the name was fortune, blessing, desire.

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