Monday , January 18 2021

Marvel’s Avengers will be revived with DLC. Square Enix has a simple game recovery plan

Square Enix still can’t talk about Marvel’s Avengers success. The title didn’t live up to high expectations and suffered huge losses, and publishers don’t make money from high-budget production. However, the Japanese have a plan: the solution to all problems is to have DLC.

Crystal Dynamics developed a prosperous position using famous heroes, but despite a promising start, Marvel’s Avengers had unpredictable difficulties. The game achieved a 68% result, the costs of creation and the extensive promotional campaign have not yet recovered. What’s more, information about fewer and fewer users logging in to servers is systematically displayed.

Square Enix is ​​well aware that it faces a tremendous challenge. Marvel’s Avengers would be a success since its release, allowing it to systematically receive new content developed over the years. Now it’s time to change plans – confirmed Yosuke Matsuda (president of Square Enix) want “Complete slow initial sales with plenty of additional content” In the second half of the year ending March 31, 2021.

DLC is supposed to provide a solution to all your problems – as we mentioned on our website, there are more than 20 Marvel characters in the game files, and the developers have often stressed that they are working on a lot of attractions.

“We still need to amortize a number of development costs in the third quarter, but we want to recover through sales growth,” Matsuda said.

Will the planned activities bring benefits and will the production set in the superhero universe return to the benefit of the players? It is not known. However, Square Enix is ​​expected to draw conclusions from the unsuccessful solutions presented in Marvel’s Avengerss and properly promote new extensions that will allow users to stay on servers.


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