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Oberstdorf World Cup: 59 competitors began to qualify for the Friday competition

Ghost Ski Jump in Oberstdorf

Ghost Ski Jump in Oberstdorf

Photo of Tadeusz Mieczyński

We have a long weekend before skiing. On Friday, Sunday and Sunday, at the Oberstdorf mountain slope (HS235), three World Cup competitions will be distributed. Six Poles will appear at the beginning, including Paweł Wąsek, a debutant of this type of installation.

Initially, Heini-Klopfer-Skiflugschanze organized two World Cup contests. As a result of the December contest contest titisee-Neustadt, the Bavarian organizer received additional FIS contests. That way, on Friday afternoon the fight against the points of the Oberstdorf Cup will be held.

Last season, the mountain was Hein Klopfer Skiflying World Championship. The Norwegian won against Daniel Andre Tande Kamil Stoch and German Richard Freitagen. The Norwegian, Polish and Slovenian teams were on the podium. The last World Cup in Oberstdorf was in 2017 when Stefan Kraft of Austria won two competitions, winning the last three competitions in the winter – Zakopane and Sapporo twice.

Six Polish delegates arrived in Oberstdorf. Stefan Horngacher's coach changed. Maciej Kot will be calm in the country, and Paweł Wąsek (No. 14) will replace him in Germany. The sixth player of Lahti Junior World Championship will be able to jump on the mountain. In addition, we will see Stefan Hula (number 27), Jakub Wolny (number 33), Dawid Kubacki (55th), Piotr Żyła (56th) and Kamil Stoch (number 57). There will be 59 competitors in the fifteen national teams in the qualifying competition for Friday.

Let's say that the competition Mamut Hill competition will be 40 competitors. On Friday, the starting lineup will match the World Cup overall qualification. On Saturday and Sunday, the order will be applied according to the classification of World Cup qualifying for flights.

The wind power forces expected in Friday's training, qualification and competition will be 1-2 meters. The air temperature must be oscillated around + 2ºC. In addition, at the end of the last series the snow is possible.

Heini-Klopfer-Skiflugschanze (HS235) is the owner of the album Daniel Andre Tande. The World Champion for last year's competition is 238.5 meters long.

The classification of the series will be made Eurosport 1 (14:15).

Friday competition will be shown live on TVP1 (15:35), TVP Sport (15:05) and Eurosport 1 (15:45).

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Competition program:
Friday, 02.09.2009
24:30Official training
14:45titlesEurosport 1
16:00competitionTVP1, TVP Sport, Eurosport 1
Saturday, 02/02/2019
16:00competitionTVP1, TVP Sport, Eurosport 1
Sunday 02/02/2008
14; 45titles
16:00competitionTVP1, TVP Sport, Eurosport 1
Start of the Oberstdorf World Classification Championship (HS235); 01/02/2019
ZkplayercountryyearbookLife registration
1ALAMOMMO Andreas1998221.5 m, Planica 2018
2WOHLGENANNT UlrichIn 1994198.5 m, Vikersund 2015
3VANCURA Tomas1996225.0 m, Planica 2017
4NOUSIAINEN Eetu1997180.0 m, Oberstdorf 2018
5PETER Dominik2001
6Martin HAMANN1997
7LARSON Casey1998216.5 m, Vikersund 2017
8MAKSIMOCZKIN MikhailIn 1993208.0 m, Planica 2015
9MUMINOA SabirżanIn 1994182.0 m, Planica 2017
10TEPES Jurij1989244.0 m, Planica 2015
11KORNIŁOW Denis1986232.0 m, Vikersund 2012
12SCHULER Andreas1995213.0 m, Oberstdorf 2017
13BARTOL Tilen1997247.5 m, Planica 2018
14WĄSEK Paweł1999
15TROFIMOW Roman Sergeyevich1989186.0 m, Planica 2010
16KOZISEK Cestmir1991226.0 m, Vikersund 2016
17JELAR ZIGA1997230.0 m, Planica 2018
18INSAM Alex1997232.5 m, Planica 2017
19BOYD-CLOWES Mackenzie1991224.0 m, Planica 2016
20TANDE Daniel AndreIn 1994243.5 m, Planica 2018
21BICKNER Kevin1996244.5 m, Vikersund 2017
22AIGNER ClemensIn 1993216.5 m, Bad Mitterndorf 2018
23ASCHENWALD Philipp1995221.5 m, Vikersund 2018
24SCHMID Constantin1999
25KASAI NoriakiIn 1972241.5 m, Vikersund 2017
26HOERL Jan1998
27HULA Stefan1986236.0 m, Planica 2018
28NAKAMURA Naoki1996
29ITO Daiki1985243.0 m, Vikersund 2017
30HAYBOECK Michael1991241.5 m, Vikersund 2017
31SEMENIKA AnzeIn 1993238.0 m, Planica 2017
32FANNEMEL Anders1991251.5 m, Vikersund 2015
33FREE Jakub1995211.5 m, Planica 2018
34AMMANN Simon1981239.5 m, Vikersund 2017
35ZOGRAFSKI VladimirIn 1993213.5 m, Planica 2013
36FREITAG Richard1991243.0 m, Planica 2018
37KOBAYASHI Junshiro1991239.5 m, Planica 2018
38LANISEK Anze1996218.0 m, Vikersund 2017
39AALTO Antti1995209.5 m, Planica 2017
40SATO Yukiya1995226.0 m, Vikersund 2018
41PREVC domains1999243.5 m, Vikersund 2017
42STJERNEN Andreas1988249.0 m, Vikersund 2016
43PEIER KILLIAN1995188.0 m, Planica 2017
44WELLINGER Andreas1995245.0 m, Vikersund 2017
45Daniel HUBERIn 1993231.0 m, Planica 2018
46GRANERUD Halvor Egner1996233.0 m, Planica 2018
47KLIMOW EvgeniyIn 1994223.0 m, Planica 2018
48KOUDELKA Roman1989229.0 m, Planica 2017
49EISENBICHLER Markus1991248.0 m, Planica 2017
50GEIGER KarlIn 1993243.5 m, Planica 2017
51ZAJC Timi2000
52FORFANG Johann Andre1995245.5 m, Vikersund 2017
53JOHANSSON Robert1990252.0 m, Vikersund 2017
54LEYHE StephanIn 1992224.0 m, Vikersund 2018
55KUBACKI Dawid1990236.5 m, Planica 2018
56ZYŁA Piotr1987245.5 m, Vikersund 2017
57STOCH Kamil1987251.5 m, Planica 2017
58Stefan KRAFTIn 1993253.5 m, Vikersund 2017
59KOBAYASHI Ryoyu1996233.0 m, Planica 2018

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