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Participants in the film “Hotel Paradise” showed much more in the new photo than in the program


Recent reports say Sonia will be in the finale of the movie “Hotel Paradise.” The behavior of the show aroused a lot of emotions and the participants gathered a large group that included not only supporters but also opponents. There is no doubt that it is also important that the girls do not develop any lasting relationships with the boys at the beginning of the adventure with the program. This location doesn’t make her situation any easier, as being a partner usually gives her a real chance of reaching the finals. His case shows that it is not decisive.

Sonia from the movie “Hotel Paradise” is distorted in a daring photo

Sonia from the “Hotel Paradise” group is currently in her last week with ukukasz. It’s true that they don’t create the best pairing – constant fights and knots, however, add spice to the final episodes of the program. Subsequent conflicts and disputes between participants make it difficult to predict what will happen in the next parts. Sonia added a photo to her Instagram, and her description suggests there may still be a lot of things.

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Fasten your seat belts and stick, guys, because the last week of “Hotel Paradise” will be as powerful as this photo! Sonia started.

There is no denying that the description that attracts attention is not an indicative and challenging characterization of the participant. The person responsible for Sonia’s metamorphosis was another member of the hotel team – photographer Hania, who said goodbye to the program fairly quickly.

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Hotel @hannabalwiercza has made friends! Very talented personality! By the way, it’s very interesting when two strong characters come together – at first the sparks fly, but after a while, when they get there, they start to form a pretty good team. Thank you Hania – wrote Sonia.

Maybe “Hotel Paradise” will be in Sonia’s final – who else?

The final of the film “Hotel Paradise” will take place this Thursday. Today, the program includes three couples – Magda Robert, Sonia Łukasz and Ata Artur. Each episode can be crucial because the production continues to amaze and you don’t know when the couple should leave the island. In the end, two of them will fight for money – on Thursday at 20:30 we will know on TVN7 who will win the second edition of the film “Hotel Paradisua”.

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