Friday , November 27 2020

Piotr and Agata Rubik fight against government policy on the piano: “HEY MATOŁY, OPEN SCHOOLS”

Agata Rubik, known for being a spouse Piotr Rubik, decided to remember himself a few days ago and presented a recording there she is experiencing a “nervous breakdown” in her daughter’s attempts to learn distance learning. The celebrity, however, made sense to notice that most Polish mothers are in a much more complicated situation, as they have to provide 24-hour care for their children as well as keep their jobs.

Of course Agata Rubik in his situation, he took into account the comments of Internet users who made it clear that the despair was at least out of place. So the woman decided to act. She helped her husband – Piotr Rubik, and with him he recorded a musical attraction to the authorities. Below, the content of a very selective song is not presented.


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Wow bastards, open schools! They don’t care about the holidays, they don’t care about the galleries. Wow bastards, open schools! Yeaaaaaaah – we hear the composer playing the piano with his wife’s voice.

Expecting a fairly clear reaction from Internet users, Piotr Rubik decided to add a note to the video, assuring government officials that calling them “fools” was an expression of tenderness.

Information for possible “anger”: it’s a humorous song, within the program “it’s better to laugh than to cry.” The word “M” was sung tenderly and nothing rhymes better with “school”. I tried “donkeys” but it wasn’t … calm and smiling – & expand in the official profile of the musician.


If anyone still doesn’t understand the “humor,” Rubik posted his next creation on Instagram on Sunday, while this time demanding distance and a smile.

Do you appreciate laughing around them?


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