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PLN 1000 instead of PLN 500 for children? In the PiS 500 improvement program, changes are announced [9 lutego 2019]

Latest poll of the debate – February 2019: Will it receive 500 plus Polish children? Robert Biedron makes a lot of changes

1000 PLN for each child instead of 500 plus?

End 500 plus? Will the program be more than 1000? As we have read, "Super Express", PiS plans to revise its 500 job placement program or review PLN 500 per child. Should a new family co-financing be accepted? The decision must be made before the autumn elections.

Next to the parliamentary election, informal debate "Family 500 plus" to govern the government program.

– Some will happen directly in the 500 plus program. Money is being boosted with inflation today, which is why we need to go ahead and we must offer 1000 plus. I think that this is very possible and quite real, the "Super Express" is an anonymous indicator, one of the most important PiS politicians.

Janusz Szewczak, Deputy Prime Minister of the Sejm Public Finance Commission, has officially confirmed the amount of double government aid support for 500+.

1000 plus – 500 plus upgrade program.

At the end of 500 plus? Will you have 1000 plus?

– I hope that governments will have a good financial condition in the coming years We can download 500 plus and add a larger add-on, such as 1000 plus – said Janusz Szewczak on "Super Express" pages.

Next, family-friendly initiatives may have effective justice and justice for the 2019 parliamentary elections. Over the last 500 years it has been a huge political party.

Over 500 programs plus 500?

– We have a great deal of hope in Poland and fulfill them. But that does not mean that the citizens do not want more, said "Super Express" anonymously one of the most important PiS politicians.

The price increase means that the 500 plus program is not as effective as soon after the family has entered. So, the idea of ​​changing 1000 plus programs.

1000 plus. PLN 1000 per child

He directed "Money. It matters," about information about changes in the 500 plus plus plus program by Bartosz Marczuk, deputy councilor for employment and social policy. As Janusz Szewczak said, the idea was that the idea of ​​children's 1000 zlotys was happy.

The Government does not transform 500+ programs in 1000+ years – he assured.

Bartosz Marczu stressed in an interview with the money that the Rodzina 500 Plus program meets all its assumptions.

1000 plus. Minister Elzbieta Rafalska denied the information

The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy gave 1000 thousand to the revelation. Elżbieta Rafalska refuses to increase the profit of 500 plus. As can be seen in the Secretariat, Minister's website: With the information shown on the amount of the parent's benefit amount, the amount of the benefit amount provided by the "Family 500+" program does not proceed.

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