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Princess Diana in an unpublished photo. In a bikini with a Bulgarian prince

The Princess Diana theme is back with the premiere of the fourth season of “The Crown”. Although the fate of the “queen of human hearts” has gone down in the history of pop culture forever, there is no doubt that Lady Di’s legend has begun to live on. However, the creators of the Netflix blockbuster are themselves responsible for the situation, as well as the same family of the princess who decided to sue the BBC after more than 25 years. Other people around Prince Charles’s ex-wife also warm up the atmosphere.

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In this group Valentino is the founder of the fashion house. Giancarlo Giammetti once again published the unknown cardies of Lady Di’s life, this time probably from the 1990s holiday. Until now, unpublished photos of Princess Diana were quickly spread online in the company of a sailboat in the fashion house of Valentino himself and the Bulgarian prince.

Princess Diana in unpublished photos of an Italian sailboat

Giancarlo Giammetti published new photos of Princess Diana in which the ex-wife of the British heir to the throne was caught by the camera lens while taking a drink on the sailboat of the TMBlue One Valentino fashion house. Lady Di speaks honestly to Prince Kyril, the son of the last Tsar king of Bulgaria, and to Valentino himself. The Duchess has wet hair and is wearing sunglasses and a bikini that barely covers her air. Giancarlo Giammetti signed the photos as “moments of friendship with the princess”.

Photo: instagram / giancarlogiammetti

Prince Kyril, Diana Spencer and Valentino

The photo quickly spread online, and the media immediately learned that it was taken in 1990, before she separated from Prince Charles and published a book describing the background of the wedding two years earlier. The couple was already experiencing a serious crisis. They both had romances on their side. Charles Camilla returned to Parker-Bowles and Diana mourned the loss of James Hewitt and the death of her lover Barry Mannakee. In the published photos, however, Lady Di is clearly happy.

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The photo was taken against the island of Stromboli in the Tibetan Sea, off the coast of Sicily. Giancarlo Giammetti has shown the world some shots of these private moments before Princess Diana. An Italian designer posted a photo in September on the same sailboat. Then, objectively, there was also Prince Kyril’s ex-wife, a model associated with Valentino’s house – Rosario Saxe-Coburg.

Photo: instagram / giancarlogiammetti

Princess Diana in unpublished photos on holiday in 1990

Photo: instagram / giancarlogiammetti

Princess Diana in unpublished photos on holiday in 1990

In 2014, one of the founders of the Italian fashion house also showed her in the company of model Lady Di eating herself and a child with a Bulgarian prince. All of these photos were taken on the same voyage on board the TMBlue One in 1990.

It should be noted that Diana Spencer was a huge sailing fan. The former wife of the Prince of Wales was said to be one of the only places where sailboats could rest in solitude. He spent his last vacation on a boat called Cujo in July 1997 with Dodi Al Fayed, a few weeks before he died in an accident in Paris.

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Then Lady Di kissed her Paparazzi lover and sat her out on a trampoline on a boat moored around Saint Tropez in France. Earlier this year, a memorable sailboat sold for 171,000 euros.

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