Sunday , January 17 2021

PS5 and Polish store bug. Some requests from yesterday will be canceled

As of yesterday, many gamers will be able to enjoy the new generation of PlayStation. Sony was very interested, so the device didn’t go on sale – there was a chance to order consoles yesterday, but it’s hard to talk about easy access to the equipment here. In fact, the number of applicants was much higher than the capacity of the manufacturer.

But now that happens even if I caught it yesterday and bought the console from the NeoNet store, it might not pick up the device. The company has confirmed that although it will speed up the shipment of consoles from December 15 to November 25, not everyone will receive the devices – the store took orders too long:


Dear customers,

Interest in the release of the PlayStation 5 yesterday has sadly exceeded expectations in the industry, including ours. We have important information about the PS5 copies sold on the day of publication (19/11).

We confirm that we will expedite the delivery of consoles on November 25 (instead of the previously announced December 15 deadline). However, the November 25 submission request will only apply to certain items. The order registered in the order system (regardless of the accepted payment method) will determine the shipment.

For some customers, we will not be able to ensure delivery. We will urgently return these people, and we will have to cancel the orders. Refunds for canceled requests will be made within 5 working days in the case of bank transfer payments and approximately 2 days in the case of PayU payments.

—> All customers who cancel their orders today will be emailed the PS5 purchase offer in advance for the next batch, again prior to the general notification. Thank you for your apology for closing the application on 19/11/2019 due to late closing. We will do everything in our power to prevent such mistakes from happening in the future. “

He experienced the siege of the NeoNet server yesterday – the store’s website was often unavailable, many players could not throw it in the PS5 basket and people who got it may even lose the opportunity to request equipment at the last minute – when confirming personal data.

I’ve already heard that some players receive NeoNet confirmations about console shipping in November, but bad information is also reaching out to players. It’s worth checking the boxes.

As it happens, RTV Euro AGD confirms this It has received the “first installment of PS5 consoles” and will contact customers:

Dear Customer,
We would like to inform you that we have confirmed the information about the first shipment of PS5 consoles, but the number will be very limited. Therefore, we do not sell through the website
From 11/25/20, our consultants will contact those who have registered on the PS5 newsletter on the product page by email or phone (if we have a phone number and are authorized to contact).
Each of these people will be offered a PS5 console 1 in the motorized version. The purchase can be made in advance or delivered (in cash), for technical reasons the product cannot be purchased in installments.
Please check your email checkboxes and spam filter settings so you can reach everyone. You can also contact us by phone at 855 855 855.
As soon as the availability of consoles is confirmed in the near future, we will notify you immediately.

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