Thursday , January 21 2021

Rafa³ Sonik made a difficult decision! Too many unknowns. “Resignations”

Do you hear Rafał Sonik, do you think the Dakar Rally? In 2015, he won the first Polish race in Dakar history, the toughest rally in the world. Not only did Sonik win the Dakar Rally, he did it in great style. Second in the overall standings, Gonzalez Ferioli was almost 3 hours behind! But although he has been competing regularly since 2009, this time he will miss it.

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Rafał Sonik: My heart is drawn to the Dakar Rally, but it tells me to keep my common sense

– We discussed possible scenarios with the group and concluded that we have too many unknowns and factors at our disposal. It involves a large and quite risky investment in the next edition. According to safety protocols, if one team member scores covid-19 positive, the entire team will be disqualified. In today’s economic environment, it would be an irresponsible decision. Sport should be put in the background when loved ones, teammates or staff health and well-being are at stake. As you know, this is a very difficult time for the mall industry, and I need to keep in mind not only my sporting intentions, but also the people who rely on me. I feel responsible for them, so I have to let go of the passions for a while because their health and safety are the most important thing today, Sonik said.

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For Sonik, the Dakar Rally was not only a good idea to spend the first weeks of January, it also became a way of life. – For three weeks we have experienced a whole spectrum of psyche feelings and situations, from impatient waiting, to stage fright, stress, pain, anger, helplessness, euphoria, joy and emotions – he wrote after winning in 2015.

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