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Retirement Plus. Before the mortgage the first thirteen. Others wait

Who will receive "thirteen"?

pensions and pensions of around 9.8 million people including "thirteen pops inclusive" (social security benefits, KRUS or uniform), which includes, for example, all people (such as age or standard benefits), including:

  • retirement – including bridges, periodicals and part-time pensions.
  • a non-working pension – including war and military illness and the ability to make unexpected pensions.
  • training benefits,
  • social pensions,
  • surviving pensions,
  • Pensions and pensions for Uniform Sub-units.
  • Parent supplement (Mama 4 Plus)
  • Benefits of civilian blind victims.
  • teacher compensation benefit,
  • Experience and pre-retirement bonus.

No pension is required to submit any other application.

Who does not "thirteen"?

Pensioners who do not receive Pensioners Plus and pensioners are small. But "Fakt" stated that 1,100 gross is not a court and a criminal prosecution, the farmers are violating structural pensions and so-called sportspeople. Olympic pensions.

"Thirteen" will not be withdrawn and those persons who are not entitled to a pension will receive it on April 30.

When will the money be paid?

The Plus pension will be paid with the "standard" benefit.

"XIII." It was said that they would be sentenced in May. In most situations, it will be so important that, while people will be rewarded in April, others will have to wait until June to July. Why?

The Social Security Institute will pay a retirement on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th of each month. As of May 1, At the beginning of the month, they think of some of their benefits, thirteen pensions from 30 to 30 April. According to, there are more than a million people in that situation. Another 470 thousand standard ones – those who receive the fifth day of the month, along with "pensions or income" "XIII" May 2.

Preliminary retirement benefits and pre-retirement benefits They got "thirteen" in June. However, people who receive KRUS retirement pension are viewed on a monthly basis of "thirteen" only in July.

How much is "13" the amount?

The Retired Plus Experience will always be 1,100 PLN. By default, it means 888 net. In some cases, it will be a bit more. For example, if you are not in the health insurance industry in Poland, you will not pay your "XIII" health insurance. Then, the benefit will be 902 net.

For his part, everything has been written by ZUS.

.. ZUS

By the way, the standard 1,100 payroll pension is "manually" 935 z. However, as a result of the legally built "thirteen", there is no reduction in the income tax rate.

"Thirteen" is not part of it!

In accordance with the right of experience, that is, for example, receiving a ZUS and KRUS pension, which includes family and social benefits, pensions and accidents. It will receive the only "XIII".

Likewise, there are several people who are entitled to a survival pension. Not everyone will get "thirteen". 1,100 raw will not be distributed, that is, for example, two people will receive 550 raw clips and three people with 367 rewards …

How much will it cost you?

Cost of the Emerytura Plus program There are about 10.8 million zlotis. To this end, ZUS will send about 8,500 million zlotys. The KRUS will pay 1.25 million euros as a result of the Labor Fund and the Pension Fund, 111 million zloty and 29 million zlot. In addition, from the State budgets – from the boxes of justice. National defense and internal affairs and administration – 890 million from "thirteen" under uniforms.

Run "13"?

In Emerytura Plus, there is no deduction or execution. This is indicated by the author.

Are they just thirteen years old?

For now, there is no formal word for "thirteen" payable in the coming years. In addition, the title of the law states: "laws" in a single financial state for pensioners and pensioners In 2019".

At the same time, after the election of the parliament has followed Law and Justice in 2020, it means that he will pay Emerytur Plus, bubble gossip. Officially, however, there was no step in this matter.

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