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Scandal in the movie “Top Model”. Finalist Dominic D’Angelica, convicted of sex crimes, was removed from the TVN session. The program made a statement

Dominic D’Angelica, a finalist in the TVN show “Top Model”, has been removed from the program. The station authorities made the decision after the media reported that he had been convicted of a sex crime in the past. The station gave notice.

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“We are sorry that such a participant has joined the program. At the moment, we are verifying the situation, ”said Marcin Barcz, director of the Corporate Communications Division at TVN Grupa Discovery, in a press release.

He was one of four contestants to reach the finals of the 9th edition of the 30-year-old D’Angelico show. The final episode will air on Wednesday, November 25th.

Why was Dominic D’Angelico convicted? first reported a questionable past, saying he had found materials that confirmed the man’s criminal past.

According to this information, in 2011 the future model was penalized Oral contact with a minor under the age of 16. Dominic, 22, was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

“Top Model” statement

“Because of information about Dominic D’Angelico’s past, who was convicted of a sex crime in the United States, he was removed from the Top Model final. We are sorry that such a participant was included in the program. if it is proven that due diligence has not been done in the recruitment of this recipient, the conclusions will be drawn, ”we read in the TVN statement.

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Three years after the first sentence – described by – D’Angelica was sentenced to life imprisonment and arrested in 2014, along with her brother Stefan. The twins had to be beaten, causing serious injuries.

Documents in the public records of Amador County, California (USA) show this Dominic D’Angelica was imprisoned for five months.

Doubts about the TVN session

According to media reports, attempts were made in August to clear up any doubts about D’Angelico’s past. However, the station did not correct these reports.


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