Tuesday , January 26 2021

Skiing in Poland. Coronavirus – Jarosław Gowin at the opening of the ski slopes

The sanitary protocol on the use of ski resorts has been completed, the slopes will be open in winter, said Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin and Minister of Development.

Jarosław Gowin also thanked him for his cooperation on this issue. “I would like to thank the partners: the ski industry and the General Health Inspectorate for their great cooperation” – we read in a Twitter message.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Development Andrzej Gut-Mostowy stated that the development of the health regime was to ensure “the safety of tourists and staff on the ski slopes”.

“The situation is still difficult”

We don’t know if hotels or pensions will open. – We need to know that the ski industry is mainly based on leisure (…). The non-opening of accommodation, hotels and pensions makes this situation even more difficult, said the owner of the ski school, Andrzej Hyc, in an interview with TVN24.

– We are waiting for these instructions from the General Health Inspectorate, as Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin has already confirmed that the ski resorts will be open, but we need to know how everything will work. At a time when the hotel industry is closed, the situation is still difficult at ski resorts, he added.

According to Andrzej Hyc, “it’s hard to think of a tourist who comes here to go skiing all day or some days in Zakopane or other places.” – We are glad that the centers have been opened, that they are allowed to operate, but that they are still in a difficult situation.

Talks with industry

There were talks with the ski opening industry on Monday.

– We have good information for today that skiers will start next winter season – said Sylwia Groszek, spokesperson for the Polish Ski and Tourism Resorts, after an electronic meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin by representatives of the ski resorts on Monday.

– We presented our arguments for opening up the ski industry. We managed to get a compromise, in a strict health regime for the ski industry, but to make it safe for skiers and snowboarders. All guidelines developed will be consulted with the Chief Health Inspector and we are awaiting final approval. I hope to be able to tell you the details tomorrow – he added.

The spokesman explained that the health conditions in other industries will be the same. He argued that the ski industry is prepared for these restrictions because the skiers operated during the summer season, bringing in tourists. – This is very positive information if we take into account the statement of the Prime Minister on Saturday – he stressed.

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