Wednesday , January 20 2021

Stan Borys on Facebook: "Life is fragile"

A few days ago, the legendary Polish legend went to the hospital in a serious situation, and the doctor fought his life completely. His beloved is now watching in his bed when he flew to New York from Warsaw, since he learned something bad about Stan.

– I went to USA and Canada tours. Of course, in this situation, we are programming thirteen performances … Fortunately, there are reasons for optimism. I'm petty and I think Stan will go out of the disease. But of course we need help. Send good energy! – Anna started talking to Maleady Fakter.

Nowadays, the artist is in a Warsaw hospital. Doctors see him all the time. Until now, we do not know what its health problems are.

Recently, two new entries have appeared on Stan Borys's profile on Facebook. First of all, he thanked formal and legal support and gave it 1%. in the name of the designated tax fund.

– "I would like to express my gratitude to instant formal and legal assistance in difficult times, so I encourage the transfer of the LEX NOSTRA Foundation (KRS number: 0000365293) to transfer 1% of the tax. Help support" – posted posted on Facebook.

The following message is brief: "Life is fragile." This artist has given this message with an emoticon.

You can not agree to that. We cross our fingers to recover quickly.

Parliamentary Polish artists are struggling all the time in the hospital!

Your beloved Stan Borys for health: We need a good energy!

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