Tuesday , January 26 2021

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Natalia in a mini mini on Instagram. Did Robert’s style change?

“The farmer is looking for a wife” is about to end. Soon, participants in the seventh edition will have to make their final selection. One of Paweł’s candidates was Natalia. Although the farmer thanked her for participating in the program, the woman is not broken and there are many indications that she already knows where to put her feelings.

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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Małgosia Borysewicz spoke about the image after the second pregnancy

Recently, there have been rumors in the media that Natalia allegedly got involved with her brother Paweł, Robert. It all came out as a result of a recent interview with host Marta Manowska. Now more evidence is emerging online.

Mateusz 'Farmer looking for wife'“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Matthew’s introduction gives you an idea of ​​what’s going on. After the wedding?

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Natalia opted for bold stylization. Did he do it for Robert?

It is true that Natalia attracted the attention of the farmer’s brother Robert. Together! Recently, we wrote that Natalia and Robert are commenting on each other’s photos on Instagram. On the other hand, Paweł’s former candidate’s response to one of the observers ’comments, while mysterious, brightened the situation a bit and sparked the imagination of the fans. Just like Natalia’s last profile picture.

Natalia, who is well known in the ninth edition of the program, never hid her passion for styling, especially the comfortable one. The loose style of sport certainly had its own. Now Natalia has decided to make a complete change. A few years ago she took a mini skirt out of the closet and showed the impact!

Master of photography in the mirror. Wednesday, skirt action – skirt Wednesday. I’ll tell you, seriously, seriously, this skirt is eight years old (it’s good to have a stretch, so I tightened it). Trousers and tracksuits dominate my wardrobe. I also have dresses, but so far I only wear them for “outings” or vacations. Changes, changes. It’s not easy because I’m late for work today and I haven’t had breakfast. I wanted to give up too, but you can’t be stupid. From my childhood story, my mother always lamented that she wanted to dress me in a dress and that my legs were bruised and my knees were torn. Mom, I’m trying to see my knees now – we read in the description in the last photo.

Do you think Natalia decided to metamorphose for Robert?

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