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The “Idol” star lives with her son in Malaysia. How was Hania Stach’s fate after the TV show ended?

20.11.2020 21:00

Hania Stach starred in the second edition of the film “Idol”. The singer was forced to leave the program due to health issues, but it did not have a negative impact on her career. Shortly after leaving the show, he got his first job offer in the industry. Stach left his voice in films such as “High School Musical.” Hania has also released two original albums. The singer is the mother of a boy named Iwo who recently moved to Malaysia.

Hania Stach
Hania Stach Hania Stach – instagram

Hania Stach as a mother

On March 23, Hania Stach’s son, Iwo, appeared in the world. The singer informed her of her pregnancy in December. By the way, he revealed that he will spend Christmas in Kuala Lumpur, where his son was also born. Both were in Malaysia for longer. Hania did not show the photo of her son to the fans until May, Mother’s Day.

This year Mother’s Day was written for the first time in a new version for me.

Let’s remember how the singer’s musical career developed.

Hania Stach
Hania Stach Hania Stach – instagram

Hania Stach won “Szansę na Sukces” in 1999

Before Hania Stach became the protagonist of the film “Idol”, she appeared in the “Chance for Success” section with Edyta Górniak. Then the high school student overcame the competition and worked with a couple in the semifinals with a diva.

1999, high school season … “Opportunity Success” and an episode with Edyta Górniak, … I won! Shock, happiness, joy and fulfillment of dreams, because then I was tired night and day with the album “Touch”. Unfortunately I didn’t draw a song from the album, but in the finale I sang the duet with Edyta “Dotyk” – beautiful memories – she recently recalled on Instagram.

Hania Stach
Hania Stach Hania Stach in the second edition of the film ‘Idol’

Screening of the second edition of “Idol”

In the early 2000s, Hania Stach was promised an excellent career. It is said that the singer left the program for health reasons. Watch his performance:

After the program, Stach signed a record deal and released his first album in May 2004.

Hania Stach
Hania Stach Kapif

Opole 2007 – “Idol” corner

At the Opole Festival in 2007, Hania Stach replaced the “Idol” corner with Maæk Silski’s company. The singer looked like Whitney Houston! By the way, she looked beautiful and liked her hat.

“High School Musical”

Hania Stach gave the floor three times for the “High School Musical” film series. In the second half, he played with Andrzej Lampert. On the other hand, in the third edition he was accompanied by £ ukasz Zagrobelny. The song “Ty i ja” performed by both of them caused a great sensation! Below is a video clip promoting the third part of the film:

Hanna Stach.
Hanna Stach. KAPIF

Eurovision 2007

In 2007, Hania Stach was close to going to Eurovision, but lost to The Jet Set. Let’s add that only 400 SMS were missing. Three years earlier, she had defended her diploma recital and final master’s thesis, earning a master’s degree in art from the Katowice Academy of Music at the Faculty of Jazz and Popular Music, with a specialization in voice.

Hania Stach
Hania Stach

Sopot TOP Trends 2012

In 2012, the singer performed at the Sopot TOP Trendy festival. He then sang the song “I Want to Love You” from his second album “Fashion”. Over time, after hearing about the loss of Hania in the media, the singer began doing voice and acting workshops with her sister Jagoda.

Hania Stach
Hania Stach Hania Stach – instagram

To live in Malaysia

Hania Stach has decided to move to Malaysia, and she and her son visit their favorite places in an Asian country.

Klang port. I was here four years ago, pregnant and now with my son – he wrote under the Instagram photo.

Hania Stach - instagram
Hania Stach – instagram Hania Stach – instagram

Hania Stach on social media

Hania’s activity on social media increased significantly. Her Instagram profile regularly features photos with Malaysian views in the background. However, we especially admire how pretty the singer is.

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