Thursday , December 9 2021

The problem with the Spider-Man Miles Morales movie turns the hero into a brick


The transformation of heroes into powerful but temporary forms is one of the most common themes in contemporary pop culture. It’s no stranger to fans of Marvel comics, but it’s doubtful that they too would be ready for the ultimate transformation of one of the heroes. Rob Sheridan ?? American graphic designer best known for collaborating with Nine Inch Nails ?? He managed to transform the hero of the game Spider-Man: Miles Morales w ceg³ê. A collision with the wall of one of the buildings was enough for that. Of course, the American did not fail to be proud of his achievement Twitter.

It was probably Spider-Man’s new face that caused panic among New York virtual criminals. A brick that falls from the roof is one thing, but when it is able to reach itself and fall on top of the evil one (although it often happens, is it a whim)? Pure fear. Unfortunately, like any powerful transformation, this one was also short-lived. Sheridan he tried fight ?? Spider-Brick ?? mode, but it turned into a white cube and then they were forced to close the game. Apparently, the strength of the brick was too strong for Sony’s new console to deal with it as well.

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