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The prosecution lost the people of the Republic of Poland: "Early illness"

Some demonstrators later passed to the Presidential Palace at the PIA headquarters. Novgorod. The building administrator informed the police of the orderly handling. The police were calling protesters who were not using loudspeakers. No one was answering the calls, people got in and received them. Some Protestants were arrested in police stations for 2-3 hours to obtain "identification." That was the case with Wojciech Kinasiewicz.

In January 2018, the courts acknowledged that the protesters had not interrupted public peace and order, and dismissed the case. Several protesters filed complaints on the detainee. The court in the city capital Warsaw acknowledged in four cases that arrests occurred. Some were wrong or not correct.

In the case of Kinasiewicz, in June 2017, he complained of a complaint that he was not allowed to identify a "operative attitude" (in order to identify and impose a warrant) and stop trial. However, the court has notified the prosecutor's office. He wanted to investigate Kinasiewicz's legal legitimacy, which he had exceeded three hours, which, in court, "is a very inadequate amount of ordinary and common activities". The court's office at the prosecutor's office wanted a long identity not to be a bullying, which aims to prevent citizens from participating in the demonstration.

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