Wednesday , November 25 2020

Thousands of people on the street protested against the ruling of the Constitutional Court and the brutality of the police

As in other Polish cities, on Saturday in Łód abortion, a march against the banning of the embryopathology of abortion crossed the main streets of the city – Pyotrkowska and Piłsudskiego. The participants, according to organizers and participants, walked about a thousand people through the city center to the rhythm of the “Imperial March” of Star Wars.

At the Women’s Strike demonstration in Łódź, police called for the scattering and reminded that the protest was banned in the coronavirus pandemic. During the strike, police identified the participants.

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Police interventions

At one point, police marched to stop people from surrounding and identifying participants.

Once ZOMO, now you

– the protesters shouted at the police.

Klementyna SukhanovSukhanov: The Polish Women’s Strike has no political intent

Dariusz Joński, a member of the civil coalition who was present at the demonstration, took the moment when the authorities arrested a senior member of the march to show his identity card. In such situations, deputies intervened and assisted the demonstrators.

Members at the demonstration

Dariusz Joński said he and Katarzyna Lubnauer, Hanna Gill-Piąt, Artur Dunin and Tomasz Trela ​​are in the Tródź demonstration to “control police behavior” and intervene if necessary.

The scandal that the police have organized today about the people who are protesting in Łód in is a scandal. The legal protest was completely peaceful. Isn’t there a shame in leadership itself? Thank you @KLubnauer, @HannaGillPiatek, @poselTTrela ​​and @Dariusz_Jonski for being there and helping!

– Marek Szolc reported on his Twitter profile.

Mariusz KamińskiKamiński Women’s strike: some perspectives create deep reservations

Police in #ódź’s #StrajkKobiet protest use much wilder methods than in Pl. Warsaw insurgents, wrote and filed criminal charges in court. As always, we are ready to intervene if necessary

– wrote MP Hanna Gill-Piąt on Twitter.

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