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Will Julia Wróblewska disappear from the Internet? "PSYCHIATRY AND PSYCHOLOGY TRAVELING"

Will Julia Wróblewska disappear from the Internet?

The main problem of linear discussion is the distinction between personal opinion and events and hatred. Unfortunately, the activity on the internet releases emotions and the desire for existence of drowns. In this way, he disturbed the author of the program Mind care TTV-n. In the program, with all the indignation, he has exposed disturbing online trends to people who treat YouTube as a technology innovation. Recipients of the program did not know the owner of TVN – TTV station – owner of the owners of YTPUBE until April of 2018 Gamellon. There was a facelift in Gamellon jellyfish. The network cooperated with them after being publicly threatened and having thrown a bottle away at home patostreamera DanielaMagicala.

They commented on the controversial activities of youngsters on the Internet Julia Wróblewska and Tomek Oświeciński. They both know what they are talking about. Julia once laughed at Fox's fatal deduction and Tomek went to the movies Patrick Vegawith no relation to culture and art. In the past no one was disturbed by the sacred angry. One of the interested parties Youtuber Kruszwil "famous."

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Since Mr Kruszwil's activity was humiliating for everyone, it's unacceptable. Many young people enjoy watching at the street, but they can hurt it. Because he is older, he seems younger to face me. Children should react – Wróblewska mentioned Khrushcheff's challenges Volunteers participate in humiliating competitions, such as eating a cat food or emptying the tree.

Few talk only These children abuse their parents and cover animals with exaggeration, because they also believe they are free – He received the request from Wróblewska.

Here my parents would not be guilty, without abuse – The person in charge of Ryszard Cebula interrupted without argument, immediately taking the microphone.

Wróblewska's materials and statements were reinforced by both Youtuber and his cameras, and Wróblewska spoke in inappropriate words.

TVN has received propaganda material. Julio, the perfect town for a person. He and your friends were delighted with the congratulations. Even if you want to kill the animals for that purpose, you're glad you killed the animals. How can a perverted person tell you what the good and the bad is about children? The Cameroon asked the poison.

As a response, Wróblewska prepared an emission Clearly, he was talking about Kruszwil's page, and he returned from his words, to attract the victim of hatred.

I did not invade Kruszwil directly. I'm talking about people's general activity. It's not my fault I got that question. If I mean something about these films, I think it does not mean that I did not fail. When I went into these 11 years, we were afraid to write negative comments and what is happening now? How many have we fallen?

Is it fun to promise to kill people in the media? Are you joking for yourself? For me, a distorted person who hung up and wrote when he saw a girl's transmission was hanging somebody who was hanging. We have arrived so far.

I do not challenge my "ku * ew" and "dzeek" comments. I am the victim of what's happening – They started crying nervously before and weeping.

Does Sexmaster call me "ku * ew", is this normal? He asked his tears, clearly unable to undergo dark glory pages. I go to a psychiatrist and I go to a psychologist – he concluded.

A moment later, the cameraman indicated "remedies" to add some insults to Wróblewska.

Julia, I feel like I attack you. I do not know you are a sensible person, you have trouble expressing yourself and your opinion, that's why you say an hour – He mentioned directly about 20 minutes.

Julia, stop – Have you been online for 14 years and are you suddenly surprised? Are you crying in your babe and want to call mercy on the audience? It's pathetic. You manipulate it as a primary school child – The cameraman is over.

In response, Wróblewska limited his online activities.

Do you think this reaction is a victory for its opponents or vacation on the Internet, which many ask for a long time?

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