Sunday , January 17 2021

Windows 10 20H2 has yet to get more than 90 percent. computers with “ten”

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Oskar Ziomek

Windows 10 20H2, which is the October update this year, is up 8.8 percent. computers with “ten”. This is the expected expansion rate, but it means that most computers run on an older version of Windows 10. Statistics show that almost half of Windows 10 users use versions released in 2019 or even earlier.

This allows you to extract recently published AdDuplex statistics based on the ads displayed. It turns out that Windows 10 20H2, which has been available for more than a month, has yet to get more than 90 percent. computers with “ten”. Most Windows 10 users use versions 20H1 (37.6%) and 19H2 (36.4%).

Interestingly, there are still numerous installations of much older versions of Windows 10 that can be seen, and more than 10 percent. users use 19H1 “dozen” released more than a year and a half ago, and more than 6.5 percent. From version 1809 (support ended November 10 this year) or even older versions.

Of course, about themselves functions this is not a problem, but the risk is a lack of updates. People who don’t care about updating their current system suffer from security issues. Older versions of Windows 10 can also be problematic with some driver compatibility.

You can read Windows 10 20H2 in a separate release about all the news. The system update itself is of course free for Windows 10 users.

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