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Wisla Krakow. President Marzena Sarapata: I'm not the Captain Schettino

– Is it true that Wisla Krakow SA is in a state of failure?

– The club's situation is very difficult, but we do not think about the scenario of fear, we are focusing on financing. Insofar as possible, selling the company's shares and investing in or through sponsored agreements.

– Please indicate the dramatic situation of the football company. Is it true that the club has been paying football and training staff more than four months ago? Is there a delay for workers too? If so, how great?

– It's true that the club is behind payments. We would like different inequalities and we will solve all the delays as soon as possible. Interviewers and journalists are interested in how delays look at individual employee groups. However, Wisła can only damage this specific information. As they refer to constant discussions in the social media, if we do not pay the payment, sports director and employees for several months. It is necessary to take part in the next matches. I work with people who are aware of many issues. These are also Wisła fans, so now we are all fighting. In July, when the crisis began and when we struggled for the stadium, the workers clearly stated that they were together. Members too. This fight lasts for a long time and has to end well.

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– Are there agreements with players, what are the terms to pay for delays?

– Yes. They are reported on a regular basis. Time is hard. Accurate data is waiting and as soon as possible, we will provide it immediately. Thanks, in difficult times, with the club.

– Have you sent a letter from a footballer to the request or at the end of the contract for the club's mistake?

– Players have a great respect. The club is in a difficult time. It is a professional group. At this time, the contract is not compromised. I am very grateful to the attitude they present. We all are together.

– How much are the football company's debts? What entities? What are the options for returning these liabilities?

– It has around 20 million PLNs, when the years are missing, for the company to function properly. With the departure of Tele-Fonika, the company also, of course, opted out of the sponsorship agreement receipts, as well as obtaining an agreement with Tele-Fonika, as well as related entities. It's a million zlotys. The sponsor of the last two and a half years has "covered" about one-third of this amount. Last year, we made several transfers, not thanks to the company's threats. The result of sports was not due. However, this year brought, let's call it the stage crisis. The budget assigned to the company's daily operations was provided to the city. It is a million zlotys that guarantees various financial liquidity. He realizes that this is not paying the amounts corresponding to the city. However, as there is a continuous cash deficit, each expense is analyzed and you must first pay what you need to choose.

– Wisła regulates the renting of the stadium due to the city and the closest two domestic matches, with Jagiellonia Bialystok and Lech Poznan?

– The amounts corresponding to each city related to the organization will be paid in time. All payments derived from the agreements with the city are returned on the day. That should be otherwise the games would not be played. It is a contract condition. However, for two months we will lose the city for office spaces. This is about 50,000 PLN. Rental of space offices is covered by a separate contract.

– Wisła will be a real threat to the end of the season in Krakow and the end of the first season of Krakow in Wolska, and against Lech Poznan in the last few years?

– It's time to save time and this time a percentage percentage must be used to avoid this. Everyone is involved. Supervisory organs, boards, supporters, staff. We do not question, we have to fight.

– Is there a scenario TS Wislak will create a new company or association, in the fourth year that will be the leader of the new season in the new season?

– That's not the time to think that way.

– What are Wisła SA talks about sales involved? Who are you talking to?

– We talk with five interested parties. There are three foreign capitals. From July 2017, we are actively looking for investors. Earlier, one year ago, according to the attorneys given, the investor sought a plenary session named the former owner of Tele-Phonics.

– Is Noble Capital Partners SL a company in English? And what are the interviews in English?

– We are forced to maintain absolute confidentiality. This contract provision will break the breakdown of interviews. In any case, it is any case interested in requesting such confidentiality.

– What time are Vistula: Paweł Gricuk, Wojciech Kwietń, Rafał Ziętek?

– We are continually in touch with these people, because Wisła forces us to help because it is very important. Together we are looking for the best solution. If it happens, we will notify you immediately.

– Are there other options to get this dramatic situation?

– On many fronts we are constantly working to get out of this situation.

– Have the talks with Paul Bragiel ended? If so, why have they failed?

– Officially, these conversations have not been violated. We are still in touch

– Did you refuse to collaborate with Paweł Michalski and consider the compatibility with the "Wisła Sharks" environment? Did not you think that it was time to clearly differentiate between the activity of the environment and its influence on the club?

– I have a lot of fakes against me, they were different to me. I accept and apologize. If Wisła were good, I'm ready to be ready to act as president. However, it will not be the decision established in Paweł Michalski or any other environment. I have no connection with this man or environment. I responded to the Shareholders' Meeting and the Supervisory Board. Informal, though equally important, is the responsibility of fans of this club. I'm still not resigning, I'm not Captain Schettino.

– Why did you decide to talk to a Varsovian journalist, not to ignore the Krakow journalists' question about Vistula every day?

– I was interviewed by the main LV Bet by the portal of our sponsors. This sponsor wanted to cut through the speculation that is endangering cooperation. I gave a second interview to national media, because, thanks to these media, our reputation went down. This was not against local media. In a time of huge crisis, there is no time to give interviews. This is not wrong or the will of the president. Respect for fans was to inform about our position and that happened. Wait for conversations.

– Was Wysla Krakov, as announced, the editor of Szymon Jadczak, TVN or the author of this report on this station?

– The moment of presentation of the action is not an element of a visible process strategy. On this subject I accept everything we have just mentioned. Nothing has changed The court will decide.

– Is there a negotiation with Paweł Michalski's plenipotence when the gym is "White Star Power" when the lease contract is over? If so, how do people get in touch with TS Wisla in the room that works in the gym?

– The Wisła Sports Association will contact the person in charge of the lawyer. We will notify you about the end of the contract.

– Is it true that the concubine of Paweł Michalski used Vistule or still? And if so, what power? It's true that it is owned by Paweł Michalski.

– I do not speak of the private life of Michalski, who is who he is, and that proxy does not belong to a professional attorney, the lawyer who is hired by the lawyer who has contracted at the end of the contract. The company and the TS Accounting Department have been the same for several years. After modifying the TS Wisla management table in 2015 and after the company's purchase, nothing has changed.

– Have you spoken to this lady or "White Star Power" about finishing the hiring contract for the gym?

– Managed by Wisła Sports Association, including myself. As I have already said, there is a professional lawyer who works for public trust. It is an auction lawyer.

– Paweł Michalski is the only party to the TS Wisła contract in the Wisła room regarding the operation of the gym?

– Mr. Michalski, a manager of a business, is the rent of rooms that run the gym. It is the only incuban.

– Why was the Wisła management guilty of people who have been prosecuted for theft to ensure employment in the club?

– He did not guarantee it, but he could only say that he could recover their work after being released. Most importantly, the promise to return to work has never been realized.

– Why access Wisła's management to people with access to access to database owners?

– We can not request cashier cash certificates. Access to the database has people who manage the fan zone. ATMs have limited rights.

– How is it possible for people with "Sharks" to have access to the presidential box and VIP sectors in the Wislao matches in Kisovia and Ruch Chorzów, a member of the "Psycho Fans" militant? Who is responsible for checking out people who want to be seated?

– It is not true that a person has unlimited access to the presidential box or VIP site. To access the VIP site, buy a ticket or invite a skybox tenant.

– How can more than 40 RWS Katowice flags, stolen Ruch Chorzów stole TS Wisla? In the interview with you, I did a few months ago (immediately under the CBYP campaign) that you have not previously informed about this topic. How is it possible, however, to see new events, or photos, clearly, that the flags on the TS Wisla room are shown?

– Nobody knew about the club. Otherwise, it would never happen. The procedures for accessing the club's rooms have been tightened. We use magnetic locks. In the other rooms, the lockers are only issued to the doorsteps by persons authorized to access the registry.

– Is it true that the "Sharks" profits from the devices sold on official Vistula stores (both TS Wisła and Wisła Kraków SA)?

– TS Wisła is not running any store. Sklep Wiślacki Świat is operated and all income is determined by law to make the entire shareholder's accounting. Another solution is not possible. The Wisła hall is run by the Wisła Kraków Fan Association. The TS pays a local monthly rent and a license to use the brand.

– Is it true that the events organized by the "Sharks" team were held at the club's headquarters? If so, who accepts it?

– This question has a dissertation on an informal group, this is not true. I have never encountered such situations with events that are unrelated to Wisła Sports Society's normal functioning.

– Is it true that companies associated with "Sharks" or Wisła have supplied witnesses or services in Wisła matches, such as Wisła matches or cleaning services after installation?

– I will reset the thesis contained in this question again and I will refuse again. All Wisła Krakow services are provided by professional organizations in the market and are selected using the price and quality criteria of the services provided. Non-professional criteria do not take decisions.

– What were the real reasons for the resignation of Damian Dukat as the vice president of Wisła SA? Is it true, when the letter was resigned when it arrived at the club, where he threatened anonymously to reveal links with the militants?

– This is not true. The letter did not matter. In any case, other members of the club, including myself, have also received threats through the same letter. We have reported the crime of the prosecutor's office. Damian resigned his official statement.

– Is the request of the TS Wisła board member withdrawn from the membership of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors, with the message "Dukat konfident" published by Paweł Michalski's corporate photos?

– No, he did not ask. It was an autonomous decision at a meeting of the Wisła Sports Association's management committee.

– Have you ever decided before the Krakow defiance, in December 2016, an entrepreneur in charge, after the football team warmed up, with the help of Ruch with the "Dudek" seats? Of course, as the opponent was not injured in a traffic accident, as reported, and during gangster battles. Does the class usually take part in these types of actions? What caused Wisla Kraków?

– You do not know the problem. Now we will not seek "guilty" action and public lynch. Knowing that person was from the officers who were officially given the committees. We participate in a wide variety of initiatives promoting advertising. Joining the Jagiellonian will end the action "Suddenly Played". The innovative project "Wiślackie generacji" has begun, inviting all young people from Vistula. The action is right for the creation of a favorable generation. Help the player through a positive message to his team. Learn about fair play and show that it is not a battle that revives the heat of battle, but values ​​that will cost us every day. Two years ago there was no reason to discuss the charity event. If it were a mistake, we took the conclusions. Now the club is important. Tickets are very important for the next matches. Show what strength Wisła is. How much does it mean? This is very important during constant talks with investors.

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