Thursday , January 21 2021

Witold Bakak reacts to the TVN24 publication. “The number of salaries has been manipulated”

“The head of the World Anti-Doping Agency, Witold Bańka, is the ambassador of the Silesian Voivodeship and the Silesian stadium based on two contracts, the value of which is kept secret” – reported on Monday morning.

Journalists Grzegorz Łakomski and Szymon Jadczak, quoting the words of one of the KO deputies, reported that Bańka would earn about 20 thousand zlotys with the aforementioned contracts. PLN per month.

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Witold Bańka responded to the article “Discrediting me and suggesting unethical behavior will have a firm response”

Bańka reacted quickly to the information in the article by making a statement on social media. “Due to the material made by Grzegorz Łakomski and Szymon Jadczak, which is full of false and unauthorized information, which appears on the website below, a statement on this subject” – he wrote.

In the statement, ADAakomski and Jadczak mentioned all the issues raised by the WADA president in the text. In it, he acknowledged that the authors had not been given an opportunity to comment on the issues raised. He also directed that since he took office as head of WADA, he no longer belongs to any political party.

“I would like to explain, under Swiss law, that the President of WADA is not an employee of the World Anti-Doping Agency and does not receive any remuneration. While receiving his function he receives what is called financial compensation for the loss of full-time employment.” .

He added: “Given that under Swiss law the role of the WADA president is not full-time work, there is no restriction in the law for WADA heads to work in any entity that is not in a conflict of interest with WADA.”

Bańka also noted that his role as an ambassador for the Śląskie brand and the Silesian stadium is well-known, as he announced at a press conference in early 2020. “Not only me, but also the ambassadors Anita Włodarczyk and Paweł Fajd,” he added.

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“As a person who performs public functions within the meaning of the law, I am not obliged to make public the level of remuneration, the amount manipulated in the text. Suggestions aimed at discrediting people and suggesting unethical behavior will receive a firm and appropriate response. Banks.

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