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Altice has introduced the Router design and the new cork

On the 3rd anniversary of Altice Labs, Altice Portugal's CEO, Alexandre Fonseca, presented the new version of Router Fiber Gateway.

This presents with a stunning design and highlights the cork construction.

Altice has introduced the Router design and the new cork

Even Portugal's personality for the MEO Router Fiber Gateway, Altice has today introduced a new external version of the Fiber Gateway, due to the different design and the body of the device being cork.

This new version consists of the collaboration between Altice Labs and Amorim Cork Composites, Corticeira Amorim business unit. The first prototype of this router will have a structure, where the cork percent would be about 50%, which means that the plastic component is half the surface, which significantly reduces its ecological footprint.

Composite materials made from cork are composed of extrusion of polymeric materials, with cork and other additives. In this process, the cork content will be the benefit of reducing the final density of the material. In this way, it will be acoustic and thermal, and above all, the materials will be more durable to reduce the carbon footprint.

Cork is a negative carbon and here it is very important. At the level of design, production materials are more common, with 100% plastic. ACC is developing a series of materials for various applications, such as structural, ornamental or sensory, such as handles and handles.

Note that the current version of this device guarantees a 10x higher speed compared to the previous model, as standard 802.11ac Wave 2 supports.

In this way, it can offer a bandwidth of 1.73 Gbps and has 4 internal antennas for sending and receiving. With this new equipment, customers should no longer have ONT in different equipment.

It should be noted that this new device can already support new standards, especially Wi-Fi 6, which will be marketed within a few months.

Altice Portugal intends to turn the innovative Router into a piece of design, inviting some national designers to design a limited edition like their customers.

Altice Portugal hopes to expand this view and aims to expand the challenge of students of higher education and art in Portugal, as well as a router with a signature in the market.

This is another domestic offer, with the ability to highlight Cork, which is the national element of the structure of this equipment. For now, it's just a prototype that will be in the market for the next few months.

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