Monday , January 25 2021

BALL A – “Great love for Sakavenens, but I wanted to win” (Sporting)

A special game for João Palhinha. The Sporting midfielder played Sacavenense in the third round of the Portuguese Cup, coached the club, and highlighted the Lions ’display (7-1).

“We played a great game. I really like Sacavenense, but I wanted to win. The result has been a bit heavy, but I think it is necessary to highlight the great game that Sporting has played, ”he began in a quick interview with TVI.

João Palhinha acknowledged that the goal of the tribute at the beginning of the match was emotional.

“It was beautiful to show me the love. It’s a mutual feeling because I spent three and a half years there. It is a very humble club, it works with the conditions it has, but I have never missed anything and I am very grateful to have lived there, ”he concluded.

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