Tuesday , May 11 2021

BALL – «It has the feet of the Mitgluel stonemason» (Marseille)

The old French international club, Christope Dugarry, Marseille, Barcelona or Milan, did not speak potatoes at the mouth of Kostas Mitroglou, because he had contracted Marseille for Benfica and then gave it to Galatasaray.

"A lot of people tell me that Benfica has scored a lot of goals and I'm doing so hard, but I did not see anything about Mitroglouri in Marseilles, it's true that he was injured and he did not make a previous season … But he's got a rooftop! If you want to make a wall, You can use it. It does not know how to play soccer. I do not know how to ride the men. It's crazy, "said Dugarry.

Marsello hired Mitroglou in the summer of 2017. In total, he scored 16 goals in 50 games, but in late January he was defeated to Galatasaray.

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