Friday , November 27 2020

BALL – Rúben Dias is “not satisfied” with the defeat against Tottenham (Manchester City)

Rúben Dias showed all his despair at Manchester City this Saturday when he beat José Mourinho’s Tottenham (0-2).

“I’m not happy at all. We were eager to win this game, but in the end it didn’t go as planned. We need to work, keep improving and be more focused on not scoring goals and not scoring goals, ”he told Manchester CityTV.

“In short, controlling the game means being on top and winning. We had possession of the ball, we entered the most dangerous areas, but then the final touch failed. We need to work harder on that, ”said the Portuguese international, who later spoke about the different moments in which there are different players on the team:

“Everything was different this year. I had a pre-season at the beginning because I wasn’t here, but it was faster here, training, playing and then the selection week. It’s not normal, but neither is it an excuse. We have to focus on ourselves and try to improve, ”concluded Rúben Dias.

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