Monday , January 25 2021

Covid-19: Portugal with 85 more deaths and 3,919 infected

Portugal reported another 85 deaths and 3,919 cases-19, according to a bulletin from the Directorate General of Health on Tuesday.

The number of cases in Portugal since the beginning of the pandemic is currently 268,721 and there are already 4,056 deaths.

It is the second day with the highest number of deaths, with a maximum of 91 deaths in 24 hours on 16 November.

The number of hospitalizations and intensive care patients continues to rise and the record continues to break. There are currently 3,276 patients (34 more than the previous day), of whom 506 are in Intensive Care Units (another eight).

On a positive note, 7,406 people have been rescued in the last 24 hours, a total of 184,233 since the pandemic began. Excluding the recovered and dead victims from the new cases, 3,572 fewer active cases than the previous day, a total of 84,432 people still have the infection.

The North remains the most affected region, accounting for 58% of the new cases in this report – 2,284 – and more than half of the deaths – 50.

In Lisbon and the Tagus Valley there are 1,018 more cases and 20 deaths, the center has 446 more contaminants and 12 deaths, in Alentejo there are 83 more cases and three deaths.

There are 65 more cases in the Algarve, another 18 in the Azores and five in Madeira.

The deadly victims of this newsletter are:
50-59 years: male
60-69 years: eight men and two women
70-79 years: eight men and four women
Over 80 years: 22 men and 40 women

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