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Gonzalo Plata scores a great goal and Ecuador is accused of “crushing” Colombia against Queiroz – 2022 World Cup


The Sporting winger stood out in the 2022 World Cup qualifier for South America

This Tuesday, Carlos Queiros ’Colombia won 6-1 against Ecuador in the 4th round match of the 2022 World Cup qualifier for South America, Gonzalo Plata definitely shone and for good reason.

The Sporting winger started from the bench, but was called up in the first half to fill the exit of Adolfo Muñoz, the scorer already had a 3-0 advantage in Ecuador. Already on the field, the Lions winger saw Arreaga increase Ecuador’s lead to 4-0, with James Rodriguez reducing his penalty close to the break to Carlos Queiros ’Colombia.


Carlos Queiroz:

However, Gonzalo Plata’s big moment would come in the 2nd half. In the 78th minute, Sporting came out of the right wing of the wing, leaving the opponent behind and shot at the goal of Colombia, thus achieving a tremendous 5-1 result. Plata saw a second yellow card in the celebrations for removing the shirt and reduced the Ecuadorians to ten items, a numerical disadvantage that was no advantage for the men led by Carlos Queiroz, as Estupinan finished 6th in Ecuador.

With this result, Ecuador climbed to 2nd place in Brazil with 9 equal points (entering the field at 23:00 in front of Benfica player Darwin Núñez Uruguay, a meeting that can continue in a minute here), While the team coached by Carlos Queiroz remains in 7th place with just 4 points from four games played.

By Sérgio Magalhães


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