Friday , November 27 2020

“He has given us all his face and body”

SIC program director Daniel Oliveira mourned a dead man using Instagram.

Last Saturday, the 21st, Fernando Faria, a reporter for SIC, died for more than 20 years. Instagram, Paço d´ Arcos Station Program Director, Daniel Oliveira, paid tribute to him.

“One of the bravest platoon! I met Fernando as one of those scary people who risked the mission of a news story, a cacha, or the perfection of a plan. In doing so, he gave us all a face and body. He was an extraordinary reporter and, although I never shared with him. , I recognized his tremendous taste for life, he seemed to take it lightly. He leaves too early. My feelings are with friends, colleagues and relatives. SIC will not forget everything we have been given. ” , stated Daniel Oliveira, in the title of an image of the journalist.

See now the image shared by Daniel Oliveira in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.

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