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He is currently dreaming of having three stars in Portugal

With the presentation of the Michelin Guide of 2019 in Lisbon, gastronomic experts make their "bets": some believe that Portugal will reach the top three stars, others believe it is difficult to hypothesize

I would like to see the debut of the "Olimpo de" chefs in Portugal, "said Antonio Cancela Michelin's driver, Lusa, for the" strongest "encounter of two candidates: Topography Belcanto (Lisbon, chef José Avillez and Ocean (Armação de Pêra, Hans Neuner).

In this year's edition of the Michelin Guide of Spain and Portugal, there are 18 star restaurants ("fine cuisine, worth the effort") and five stars ("extraordinary cuisine, worth diverting"), but in the history of the Iberian Peninsula For more than a century, there has never been a Portuguese port in three ports ("Only one kitchen, justifies travel").

"Portugal's cuisine has improved for several years and is reflected in Michelin stars over the last three years [uma estrela para nove restaurantes e duas estrelas para dois estabelecimentos]. It continues to grow in the future, and we will see it in a Michelin Guide in 2019, "said Spanish António Cancela, Juan, with two twin brothers, with two special guide collections Michelin.

Cancela believes that Portugal will conquer the first and fourth starred stars in the next edition and "one or two" restaurants rise from the second star.

Duarte Calvão, one of the authors of the Mesa Marcada blog, will be able to win three Portuguese stars for two restaurants in the next two editions.

"Vila Joya" has more opportunities and, sometimes, Michelin rewards coherence, without a doubt Dieter Koschina … But, of course, Belcanto and the Ocean are favorites. In my opinion, José Avillez and Hans Neuner deserve a well-deserved distinction and it would not make sense for three stars and the other one, "wrote Peixe em Lisboa's" Palace "festival director in an article published on his blog.

Duarte Calvo, Alma (Lisbon), Henrique Sá Pessoa, chef (who won the first star of 2017).

Experts acknowledge that "it is a relatively new conquest for the first time," but "it is believed that it is" a kind of restaurant and cooking vision " [da Michelin] thank him. "He also emphasizes that the second star of João Rodrigues (Lisbon), at Feitoria restaurant, will direct" an injustice ".

Regarding the place where it will be next year, Duarte Calvãou says some chefs will be presented next Wednesday as part of the gala, the 2019 guide to the Portuguese capital, as an indicator. Restaurant can be consulted. One of them is Pedro Almeida, Midori (Sintra), "this star is more than merit" and means "it would be the first orientated effect of receiving a Portuguese star".

Among others, G Pousada (Bragança, "Chef" and "Oscar Geadas") and A Cozinha (Guimarães, António Loureiro), Fortunato da Câmara, a gastronomic critic, point out that these cities refer to the "French publishing firm" .

The journalist Astearte Expresso told 2018 that "a complicated year" for Michelin, including internal changes, was the replacement of José Belo-Lamas, the head of Galician researchers, represented by Catalan José Vallés.

That's why Fortunato da Câmara allows "little" to be named to the Portuguese restaurants as much as possible.

Lusa, Director of Ángel Pardo Michelin, has said that 2019 is a "good year" and "important news" of both countries.

The presentation of the Michelin Ibarra's next edition will be on Wednesday at a Carlos Lopes pavilion in Lisbon, which is the tenth anniversary of the event organized in Portugal.

Within the party, around 500 guests, chefs, institutional representatives and businesses, with more than 100 journalists, seven starred restaurants in Lisbon will ensure dinner, offering three courses each and one dessert in each space.

Jose Avillez (Belcanto, two stars), Henrique Sá Pessoa (Alma), Joachim Koerper (Eleven), João Rodrigues (Feitoria), Gil Fernandes – Miguel Rocha Vieira, (Fortaleza do Guincho), Sergi Arola (LAB, Sergi Arola) and Alexandre Silva (Loco), all with a star.

The Lisbon conference is the result of an offer between Tourism de Portugal, Câmara de Lisboa and the Lisbon Tourism Association, and according to the Government there is a budget of more than 400 thousand euros.


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