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Hugo Gaspar and Tiago Violas have returned to the volleyball option

Hugo Silva called for 18 athletes to prepare for the participation of the Nation's Association.

Hugo Gaspar and Tiago Violas de Benfica and Frederico Santos have been released in the United States, today witnessed by the Portuguese volleyball team announced by the Hugo Silva national team.

After the national championship, when he was named champion of the Benfica sports event, Hugo Silva decided to take over the election and called 18 athletes to participate in the United Nations League, which will take place on May 31. until June 30

The election of Hugo Silva highlights Frederico Santos calling for an unknown call in the United States of America Purdue Fort Wayne and international "incarnate" return Hugo Silva and Tiago Violas.

Portugal has the 9th National Liga League (formerly the World League) Multipurpose of Gondomar, from June 14 to 16. Portugal will bring national teams from Brazil, Serbia and China, respectively, on 1st and 11th. Ranking & # 39; 20.a.

The internship will start on May 5 in Vila Flore.

Preliminary (18 players):

– Fields 4

Alexandre Ferreira (Aluron Warta Zawiercie / POL)

João Simões (Sporting)

Lourenço Martins (Sporting Espinho)

Caíque Silva (Bastardo Fountain)

André Marques (Famalicense)

– Distributors

Miguel Rodrigues (Rennes Volley / FRA)

Tiago Biolas (Benfica)

Frederico Santos (Purdue Fort Wayne / USA)

– middle

Filip Cveticanin (Benfica)

Phelipe Martins (Sporting Espinho)

Nuno Teixeira (Viana)

Guilherme Menezes (Sporting Espinho)

– The opposite

Marco Ferreira (Sporting Espinho)

Bruno Cunha (Viana)

Valdir Sequeira (Videotx Grottazzolina / ITA)

Hugo Gaspar (Benfica)

– Liberos

João Fidalgo (Sporting)

Gil Meireles (Dizziness)

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