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Is he doing bad love for men's health?

Is gender bad for male health? This means that it seems that there are investigations by Chinese researchers who are closely linked to sexual intercourse and prostate cancer.

To be healthy, do we need to be lazy? That's why many men have asked him whether he has been publishing for a few months now active sex menthey run greater risks suffer it prostate cancer.

They have been published in China in September of 2018 International sexual intercourse societyThis research has a close relationship with prostate cancer and sexual intensity. In order to achieve this analysis, the researchers analyzed 15,000 cases of illnesses and compared more than 40,000 cases "Witnesses".

In addition to observations, the researchers revealed that the number of prostate cancer was found in males many partners, or they had it Very common sexual intercourse (or masturbation). This type of cancer (which now accounts for a third of third of the male cancer), especially when male patients had "first time".

If they can undermine the consequences of this study, the authors, however, relativize this last expression, which they clarify It was not possible to establish really "linear association"ejaculation frequency and appearance of prostate cancer. The latter, however, stated the number of cancers was lower in men who were in sexual activity "Who:", that is, between two or four relationships a week.

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