Tuesday , January 26 2021

“It’s a crime and I intend to file a complaint”

With “Big Brother” about to return home, Carina remains the target of social media attacks and reacts again.

This time, Carina couldn’t hold back and responded to a comment that insulted her daughter.

“Insulting me, okay, insulting my daughter, no! It’s a crime and I intend to denounce all the people who did that,” he stressed.

That was last Wednesday, May 25th Mafalda de Castro He announced it in “Diário.” Sandra he provided a summary process for family reasons. That way, Carina and Jéssica Antunes – the only other candidates in this process – will return home.

Remember that the amount spent will be refunded to all viewers who participated in this vote. This amount will be credited according to the contract or advance payment of each spectator with their operator. Those who voted, using application, you will receive the corresponding credits in your personal account.

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Meanwhile, Jéssica Antunes confessed to “Big Brother” that last night she contacted former competitor Rui Pedro, thus breaking the mandatory isolation and preventing her from returning to competition.

The young woman apologized for the irresponsible behavior she had already committed, which violated the mandatory rule, but acknowledged that her domestic spirit was speaking louder.

Thus, Carina will be a former contestant who will return to be part of the film “Big Brother – Revolution”.

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