Saturday , September 26 2020
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There is a great mix of flu and cold. Flu or flu fever is great, then muscle pain, throat, headache, nose and dry cough. Fever is the most important symptom and can take about three days. In some cases, they may be serious complications, such as pneumonia, which require hospital intervention.

According to Sândala Teles, the Head of Immunization at the State Department of Health, the cold is already slower and takes less time than the flu. "Symptoms are similar, but softer, such as coughing, nose congestion, coronary artery, body pain and throat pain. Fear occurrence is not common and, where appropriate, at low temperatures," he explained.

Teles explains that people who oscillate the temperature go to look for a closed place; In it, there are agglomerations that prevent viruses and bacteria entering the body by contaminating them through the dispersed air in the air and contaminating contaminated surfaces. attention has to be made to renew this time of year.


People keep hydration, rich in vitamin C water and vitamins, it is essential to clean fruit and avoiding food prepared in a bad way. Another question is that people are in crowded places and always wash their hands. By taking these measures, these seasonal diseases will greatly prevent them. This strengthens Sândala.

High fever, malignancy, bodily pain, hoarseness, coryza, secretion, among other things, can be associated with seasonal diseases. Treatments include anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-allergic, rest, and liquid, such as juices, tea and water.

Vaccination campaign

The National Inflammation Influenza campaign began on Wednesday, 10, and until May 31, during the 4th day D. was in the second phase. On Monday, 22, other 45-day-old women started participating in the group), from 60 years of age, older people, teachers, chronic illnesses and other categories of clinical risks, private freedom and imprisonment

Sândala Teles explains that the vaccine is already in the units of all municipalities and emphasizes the importance of parents to take their children's momentum to their children and their priority. The campaign is intended to update the vaccine card. The arrival of a delayed and vaccinated vaccine may be a vaccine.

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