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PlayStation 4 sold more than one Xbox One and it was changed in October


All about it


According to the software and hardware, it is safe to say that October was a significant month for Sony. Because PlayStation 4 has exceeded the sales units of Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, according to the NPD Group, United States companies continue the industry. A company's analyst said consoles have grown year-on-year.

The analyst Piscatella explained that in October 2018 Sony was the best console. "Hardware units have achieved a year-long sales of PlayStation 4 on the entire platform. US PlayStation 4 hardware sales reached the highest peak in October as of October 2014".

According to Piscatella, "PlayStation 4 unit sales have earned the highest PlayStation hardware platform in October, October 2002 for PlayStation 2." This means that PlayStation 5 can announce a bit more, as the current Sony video game still has.

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Other consoles

With regard to change, the difficult graphical comparison Nintendo has faced confrontation with the consumer's debut year. Both of Zelda and Mario's greatest software masters have already made their debut in video game and since then, the number of units sold in hardware has been reduced.

On the other hand, Microsoft is well. "Expenditure on hardware in October 2018 increased 26% to $ 300 million a year ago," said Piscatella to "PlayStation 4 significant Xbox One hardware outlay". It prevents the decline in other platforms, as well as the growth of 2017.

"In the period 2018 hardware costs increased by 19%, amounting to $ 2,700 million," Piscatella said. "Profits like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and plug-and-play devices, NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition continue to grow [do segmento]".

Source: Venture Beat

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