Sunday , August 14 2022

Tax benefits for those who buy newspapers – Tv Media


According to the United States General Budget, on Tuesday, in the General Budgets of 2019, it created IRS benefits for families with newspapers and magazines, with a total cost of 250 euros, and small IRC advertisers in ads on these media.

"Our main goal is to promote the promotion of newspapers and magazines in any way, promote the purchase of small ads and respond effectively to the European Commission's call for information misinformation and journalism, literacy and commissioner action," said API President João Palmeiro.

For small advertisers, the association proposes "In determining IRC tax revenue, advertising investment costs account for 150% of the estimated amount of the annual amount", with turnover of 10%.

The Association also calls for "acceleration" for European brokerage, published in digital format for the reduction of VAT (6%).

They also include in the list of IPA proposals investment and liquidity, credit and employment and training through the creation of tax incentives for young people (security contribution exemption for five years) and jobs.

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