Wednesday , January 20 2021

Tesla is preparing insurers and blowers – Observer

Although it spreads losses in the last quarter, after two quarters of a profit, the American electric vehicle manufacturer has a good shape at the start. Its current range, model S (presented in 2012), model X (2015) and 3 (2017), will be reinforced in the next 12 months with the model Y, Semi, Pick-Up and Roadster, that is, you can move forward with a car in front startup.

Tesla is always aware of the criticisms of its customers, who complain that they pay for their high-end vehicles, perhaps because they are electric. For this reason, Elon Musk, the CEO of the brand, announced that it will make insurance in May to offer its customers the best conditions. To do this, he was hired by Alex Tsetsenekos, the former insurance executive, Tesla Alex Tsetsenekos, to manage the Customer Centric Insurance Company.

Musk says the insurer "will be more competitive than any other", which is not surprising, according to the Institute of Insurance, the S model seems to be the most expensive, both average value and collision insurance. .

Along with the "serious problem" of the business, Musk also organized "jokes". With the latest production of Caps, flamethrowers and the latest Teslaquila (Teslaquila), Tesla built a leaf blower. How does it work for electric? The trademark owner's decision may have been learned through California environmental activist announcement, as a two-hour blower engine blower infects a family of 1,600 km. Therefore, although they are small gasoline motors that are not rumors, cutters or the like, they do not have a catalyst or particle filter catalyst and add double oil twice.

It is quite certain that this blower leaf will not be more difficult than the sting and will be more respectful of the environment. However, it will be more flavorful than Teslaquila.

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