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The Association of Sargent denies that the GNR commander Sameiro establishes

The National Guard Civil Society (ANSG) denies the commanding officer of the Sameiro Territorial Postmen of Bardako, the military, to abolish road crossings in their regional actions in the Bracarren region.

In a statement, the representative of the General Guard of the Republic of the Republic was represented by the commander of the Land Rover of the Sameiro Regional District of Braga, who allegedly denounced the fact that Hélder Branco did not apply to any military traffic card or any other wrongdoing, as is the case in many social networks circulating.

In this note, the ANSG president, signed by Sergeant-Major José Lopes, under the guidance of the National Guard's professional structure, will be "demotivated" based on the allegations of a group of soldiers of Sameiro GNR. At the same time, the "rebel army posture" is simply a lack of abilities "denying military versions.

"The imposing and forceful use of force imposed and forcefully imposed weapons is a result of the demotivation", "those militants who were not seriously concerned about the work and that affect behavior and behavior affecting their functioning" professionals, "says the sergeant's association.

"Sergeant Hélder Branco is an excellent professional"

According to ANSG, "the military Sameiro felt that flexibility can not be attached to the sergeant, who is a great and admirable professional who acknowledges the committee chain and the population."

"The 13 soldiers of the Territorial Post of the GNR cause Sameiro, stirring from outside It transvestite victims, and for the same reason, six of them started a psychological crisis, they never suffered the victims of their post-commander vision, with all kinds of measures that affect their legal framework, on the contrary, they should always comply with the regulatory and regulatory requirements, "said the association that directs the leader of the José Lopes summit.

For ANSG, the origin of the situation lies in the GNR Institution, which is currently a huge loss of body, commitment and role in the GNU Institution, which should be totally unshakeable by the military, but that day increases institutional disinfection during the day due to the sharp deviation of the "guardianship" due to the wear and tear of the Professional Guard Due to the military status of the Guardia Vigilante and its functional space, abuse does not necessarily give rise to a quote and appreciation for the action of internal security. "

"Attack and demotivation within the military"

"ANSG has warned, unfortunately, that it has already warned of the growing democratization case, low self-esteem, lack of custody and disinterest for public reasons, including military GNR, fortunately in some cases, the recovery of minority professional activity and end the internal dysfunction conflict with energy diversion, "said GNR sergeant representative of the structure.

According to the ASNG, "a paradigmatic example of this type of conflict is the signing of the soldiers of the Posto do Sameiro Braga, against his commander, Sergeant Hélder Branco, imposing the monthly recruitment of 15 counts," he says is not true.

"ANSG wants to avoid the profusion of accusations and argues that increasing the driver's risk behavior and increasing crime against property, that Sergeant Hélder Branco never imposed on the Sameiro Posto military, an average of 20 hours per person and a 160-hour monthly service, , 15 automated checks were made, "he says.

"The commitment to society and the code of institutional behavior that Sergeant Hélder Branco can respect to bring anxiety and the military may increase their security by considering and complying with their values, needs, preferences and professional expectations," says ANSG,

"This should all be attentive, including the National Criminal Society Association, to discover government options that will undermine the functioning of organizations, such as the National Guard of the Republic."

"Close your eyes" to domestic violence

MINHO learned that the two members of the military who had been terminated by the police had allegedly "closed their eyes" to complete a patrol that underwent a case of violence against violence to avoid disturbances of violence in two states, São Mamede de Este, outside Braga, judge of the criminal investigation of Braga The application of the preventive arrest, due to corruption, was more serious and subjective, although he returned to the scene after another patrol and continued. It is located in the context of preventive measures for the protection of GNR and victims, especially the most vulnerable, in the case of the elderly, because they do not support the defense of the GNR Territorial Office. Sameiro had not been the perfect intervention of GNR.

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