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The Court of Auditors pays 4 million people in retirement

The The audit center approved the deaths of 2016 and 2017 and "detected personal benefits of survivors' pensions and death deaths". Of this amount, while remaining 3.7 million euros, about 0.4 million euros in pensions.

Between 223 cases of living beings passed between 2016 and 2017, 40 cases occurred more than 10 years ago and were over 35 years old.

This is not the first time that the Court of Auditors verifies this type of situation, and this inspection concludes that in these cases, the Social Security Institute (ISS) has not established mechanisms to control these situations, nor is it guaranteed to recover the amounts recovered.

On the other hand, the audit amounted to 3.7 million euros, a debt of 1.8 million euros was registered and 614 thousand euros (16.7% of the total) were recovered.

The remaining € 1.9 million "did not register the debts, when the pensions were completed, and there were no recovery procedures", which could lead to financial responsibility for the Board of Directors' Board of Directors, the Social Security Institute and the Director of the National Pension Center, "audit reports he said.

This means that the compulsory collection procedure amounts to € 1.4million in 2015 by 2018million in 2017. "Due to the inability to identify debtors responsible for the repayment of the amount of the taxpayer, a large part of the debt files are presented so that the maturity period is closed", he also chaired a jury chaired by Vitor Caldeira.

TC also concludes that the procedures for recording and ratifying "refusing to pay for death benefits," and which represent those who considered the end of the death pension, can be done without survival, even if it is the same beneficiary.

In contradictory exercise, the ISS stressed that survivors' pensions and pensions were not agglutinated that they could not "drag" death.

In 2017, 740,631 residents were required to pay a pension, of which 9,047 were non-taxpayers who were not taxpayers, after obtaining the citizens' card.

As a response, the Information Technology Institute became a mandatory framework from 2002 to 2002, when a new calculation request was introduced, but although the pensioner's universe is still not a NIF, it will be reduced.

Faced with this scenario, TC recommends greater coordination between Labor and Resource Ministries, in order to adequately integrate the relevant information about beneficiaries into the Pension Information System.

Conversely, the Office of the Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security has indicated that a rule was introduced in the General Budget of 2019, which aims to send "the data necessary for the death registration of the Social Security Information System".

When it comes to people living abroad, when it comes to difficulties in obtaining timely information, TC recommends adopting measures, suggesting the introduction of life check.

In 2017, death benefits (including death benefits and funeral expenses), under the pension system, amounted to 2,004 million euros, survival pensions 1,903 million euros.

The survivors' pension scheme will be paid by a spouse, partner, and partner during a period of five years, provided that the beneficiaries are under the age of 35 when the couple is on the death row of another item.

The TC emphasizes the fact that the "current model of recognition model" of these pensions must have elements that are "difficult to control", the syndication should not be registered, although the parochial council statement must be demonstrated.

For this reason, it also recommends improvements in the verification of non-participating couples, according to information available in September 2018, in the cases analyzed, although surviving pensions were active, although they did not meet the requirements, ordinary payments for more than 32 months.

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